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A Double Dose of Kindness at the Grocery Store

--by indiegirl, posted Sep 25, 2010

I was at the grocery store one evening. I had finished shopping and was looking for a line to get in to. I chose a line that had one woman who just about through and ready to pay, and another woman behind her who didn’t have very much.  

As I was standing there waiting for my turn, I noticed the woman directly in front of me. She looked as if she had just had some kind of medical treatment. She was wearing a bandana along with a hat. Her face looked as if she had known a lot of pain and was tired of everything. She had a back pack to carry her groceries in and she had bought everything that one would need to care for one’s self at home. She kept glancing at her groceries and kept counting the money in her hand. I kept thinking to myself, I wish I had money to pay for her groceries. What can I do to help her out?  

To my surprise, as these thoughts were going through my head,  the woman ahead of her (in the front of the line) softly whispered to the woman who didn’t look well, "Put your money away, this one is on me." 

The woman shook her head a few times and the front woman kept insisting until it happened. There is no way I would have witnessed this if I hadn’t been paying attention myself. I just remember looking up in awe and saying, "Thank You."  

As I walked outside the woman who didn’t feel well was right there, putting her groceries in her back pack. I gently approached her, introduced myself, told her the direction I was heading in and asked if she would like a ride. She said it wasn’t necessary. I told her I had plenty of room in my car and she was more than welcome if she wanted to come along.

She introduced herself and accepted.  As she got out of my car she said to me, “God Bless you,” and I said the same. I just keep thinking, maybe I put it out there and the thing I couldn’t do someone else did but, in turn, I was presented with some other way to help her out - and that I could do!

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MaryBeth wrote: Very insightful of you to tune into alternate means of helping! There is always opportunity.
bookworm58 wrote: I was helped in this way when i was fighting breast cancer. Food was low on the list of things i could afford. People helped me and i am very grateful. I try to help others in the same way whenever i can. Its a way of connecting with others in the world in a loving way. Thanks for sharing.
cabbage wrote: Wow. That is so awesome! Big hugs to you for having those kind thoughts and the wisdom to see the opportunity you did have to help her. You are an angel.
indiegirl wrote: All of you are so kind for the great responses! Some even brought me to tears! Teachyteach - i agree with you - how lucky i am that she accepted my kindness.
Victor wrote: Thank you for your kindness!
Yusuf Suleman wrote: Touching. God has been kind to you, for he made you a medium to help the lady. All praise to lord almighty!
teachyteach wrote: How nice of you and lucky that she accepted your kindness. Good for both of you.
Darlene wrote: It is amazing how just little acts of kindness can make a difference to someone. Someone like that lady just knowing that people cared about her made a big difference to her i am sure.
Sam wrote: Thanks for sharing your story indiegirl. Buddhist text teaches "one act of pure love in saving life is greater than spending the whole of one's time in religious offerings to the gods. " . Even having thoughts of compassion and giving can have profound effects if you look for them, as you shared with all of us. Keep your eyes open, and you will see. ;-)
Varuna wrote: So thoughtful! I wish if all of us could do one good deed a day this world would be a better place to live.

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