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Smile Epidemic

--by Hearts Everywhere, posted Jan 14, 2006

Smile Epidemic

I found out about the site due to a "SMILE" epidemic here in our office. A card was left on my desk, and I immediately logged on to your website to find out who you are and to figure out what you do. I've seen bumper stickers on cars that speak of "random acts of kindness," but have never been educated on how to commit these acts nor read the positive outcomes (which are provided on your website!).

Thank you and have a SMILE of a day!
--MM, in Baskersfield, CA

Dear Anonymous Friend,

It was really wonderful to receive those set of Smile cards from your side. I never knew anonymity could bring in that joy.

You people are doing a great job I must say.I will try my best to spread your message out here in India.

May Almighty assist you in your efforts to increase the level of kindness in this world.

Wish you all the best



Kindness Counts Campaign

Whoever you are:

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe how quickly you have responded! You are men/women of action - I like that! To answer your question, the teacher who gave me your sample card is a very caring high school teacher in Raleigh, who said she just came across your website by accident and liked your cards and the idea of spreading kindness. She ordered some herself and gave me one to look at. And here you have me!

At my school I started a Kindness Counts campaign several years ago, which we kick off annually at the beginning of the school year to set the tone for our school climate. We collect money for a worthy community cause. For example, this year we supported a local Animal Shelter, before that Make-A-Wish foundation, Russian orphans, and School of Veterinary Medicine. We haave also recorded Random Acts of Kindness for the whole month of September. It was exciting to see them in the box in the main office. We had a drawing every day and read them on the school TV.

I am starting a "Climate Club" with our middle schoolers and a colleague at the end of this month. We want to guide the kids in the right direction, after we have checked with them what they would like to do in terms of climate improvement. Your cards, I believe, will be a tool in contributing to the improvement of our school climate.

Thanks again for your efforts in the realm of kindness. I absolutely agree with Gandhi's quote on your card. I could not believe it when I read it, because I have given out so many carnations, roses, and sunflowers to school personnel with the hope to make their days better. Giving them away makes me feel good, too.

--MC, in North Carolina

What inspired you to join the smile revolution?

Kindness has no cost. It has no limitations and it has no prefrences. It is rarely practiced, yet all have had a chance to give. Thoe who took that chance soared. Those who did not-and still do not-have fallen.
--Alison, in California

I saw the film and want to make a difference to as many people as i possibly can.
--Mirka, in Norway

I got a card from a fellow teacher at a high school. She told me about you. We are both into Character Education of our students and are always looking for new ideas to spread kindness and do good. By the way, I am a 2001 North Carolina Character Educator of the Year - an award given by Duke University\'s Kenan Institute for Ethics.Thank you in advance for the cards,which our school Climate Club will test around the building. Thank you for a wonderful idea!!!
--Mirka, in North Carolina

just making other people happy is awesome
--Rick, in Denver, CO

I got a card from someone...and it was a great surprise, so I wanted to do the same for others.
--Kris, in Saratoga, CA

i read an article on the internet. i want to encurage my community to be more neighbourly and understanding to each others need and ideas.
--Courtland, in Zambia

Sounds like a great idea and I\'d like to be able to inject some happiness into others\' lives.
--Kathy, in Australia

You helped make me feel special, and I want to be used to make others feel special as well!Thank you!
--Marisa, Bakersfield

How did you hear about us? I was searching the net for random acts of kindness for a college research project.

What inspired you to join? I want to make people smile! :o) I like it when people make me smile and do nice things, so i want to help and make others smile!
--Terri, in Pennsylvania

what you are encouraging is something that I long to do myself and have been doing for years. plus it gives me great satisfaction
--Christian, in Germany

I\'m a freshman in college and for my communications class i am required to do a persuasive speech encouraging people to do a random act of kindness. I looked up random act of kindness on the internet through google and found your link. I love doing things for other people. There is no better feeling than knowing that you made someones day or at least brought a smile to their face. I think these cards are an awesome idea. Ive never recieved one before but I know that I will be handing out plenty!
--Caitlin, in MD

I have always enjoyed volunteering my time to help others in my I want to pass the joy on to others.
--Amanda, in Wisconsin

We are using a \"Pay It Forward\" type theme for our girls camp this year...we are so excited!! We are kicking off the season with (hopefully) big service projects, encouraging recipients to \"Pay It Forward\"!
--Rigby, in Utah

Last night i took a bunch of extra smile cards so that i could give away some of them in one of my classes ('creating a meaningful life' - that's the name of the class ) and as i expected , when i talked about the messsage - the main idea behind the card, majority of the class and the Prof. were really pleased with the idea. There were a couple people who seemed rather disinterested, but seeing those who did show some interest made me happy. So now we have almost 50 students on campus carrying Smile Cards, waiting to perform Acts of kindness :) I think that's wonderful !
--KS, in San Jose

I am the teacher. We are wanting to be able to offer the cards to all of the students in the school district...which we have approximately 500 students per grade K-12. We are planning to do some skits and then challenge the students to do the project. We are going to give the students an option to take a card.
--JJ, in Oaklahoma

:):):) Thank you so much! My fiancee and I have passed out 5 so far. Last one was two days ago. I only needed a bus pass one way, but bought a full daypass, and later found a poor guy at a bus stop and gave it to him. The glow on his face was well worth the gift. Truly I thank you for this opportunity to bring more kindness to the world.
--Rev. JS, in Houston, Texas

I was searching the net to find a way to make a friend feel more accepted. Everyone needs kindness. It'll make they're day better.
--CL, in Ohio

I saw a link in our Sunday bulletin at church, and references made during the pastor\'s message on Sunday. We all need more kindness and that feeling of connection in our lives!
--SRG, in Virginia

I just want to be able to lend a helping hand to everyone.
--JP, in Indiana

I love this idea!! I have always wanted to connect myself in some way to others who got as much joy from giving as I did. I fear we are a dying breed. Thank you soooo much for your efforts.
--ML, in Florida

I am a Resident Advisor at Western Washington University and am sponsoring a week-long program in my hall encouraging random acts of kindess. Your cards seem like a perfect way of helping to motivate a kinder residence community. Thank you!
--ER, in Washington

I love to do this sort of thing anyway, but this inspires the recepient to do te same thing.
--AS, in Florida

--GF, in Ireland

I am the director of community service at a college and am looking forward to starting random acts of kindness in September.
--LL, in Massachusetts

Random acts of kindness week on Good Morning America inspired me to do some googling. And, here we are. Thanks!
--LL, in Texas

My friends and I will use every one!
--MDL, in Berkeley

I got this card well a more like a lot of those cards from Donna and I need more I just keep runing long see I help alot of people out in one day.
--MA, in Fairfax, CA

I recieved the card. I thought it was great way to see people smile.
--DB, in MO

Good Morning America was doing random acts of kindness on Channel 6 this morning and I think it\'s a fantastic idea. Thanks a lot.
--LA, in New Jersey

I heard about this group through a friend at school. It fits my lifestyle perfectly because I have always pushed random acts of kindness and actually had turned a week of school into random acts of kindness because i believe in it so much! It was a great opportunity for my school to help one another and just to realize what a difference the littlest kind act can have on one person. I hope to give these cards to others so they can start spreading kindness of their own. This is a great idea and I cannot wait to start spreading kindness even more! Thank you so much!
--NW, in Wisconsin

We like to have fun while doing for others. I love the "idea" list. Thanks!

I'm going to try some out in the morning at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast that I printed up this evening. About a year ago I gave away mostly $5 bills and a few $10s and 2-$20s to members while playing a game at a breakfast.

I told them at the beginning they had to share the money in some way with someone else, flowers for the gal in the office, ice cream before dinner for the kids or something out of the norm for them. People had a lot of fun with that concept. For me, it was fun giving away the boss' money.

Best of wishes and thanks for a fun, happy site!
--GS, in California

I typed in help for depressed people in Google. I was inspired by your stories.
--BS, in New York

Just typed in Random Acts of Kindness. I will be teaching a class on Kindness at my church.
--AN, in Florida

Our family dog wandered off this afternoon. We got a phone call from a wonderful woman who lives some distance from us. She had found our Maggie, called her vet - had her vet scan Maggie\'s back for the chip we had put in her back (she is an ASPCA Rescue) and then called us! Maggie is a pure bred Daushaund and as sweet a dog as there ever was and our three kids would have been lost without her. I told this wonderful woman - and new friend of mine - that she has renewed my faith in the goodness of people. I told her that this random act of kindness would come back to her and tonight I sent her a thank you card with a picture of Maggie - and then typed in \"random act of kindness\" into a search engine just to see what would pop up. There you were, so here I am.
--AC, in North Carolina

Wife told me about the site
--JS, in Pennsylvania

We loved the idea behing the "random" acts to let people know that you truly care about them...
--CF, in Vermont

I heard about you from the radio THE FISH FM 95.9. I think it is really important to share some joy and kindness since everyone is alway so stressed...In college (many years ago), I used to do something similar...
--MTD, in Southern California

Someone e-mailed part of your list - I asked if she listened to the Fish since the e-mail said \"Random Acts of Kindness Thursday\". She said she did & they had given out your website. What inspired you to join? I liked what I saw!
--JS, in Long Beach, CA

The Fish 95.9 What inspired you to join? It\'s always nicer when you spread the joy.
--SE, in Orange County, CA

I heard about you thought 95.9 the fish radio station and it touched me to know that there\'s people out there who really do care about others and would take some time out of their busy life to just say thank you or help another.
--MB, in Santa Ana

I've been going through a tough time and have been so blessed by the support of friends around me. I want to make an impact too.
--CH, in Fullerton, CA

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