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A Refreshing Act of Kindness on a Hot Day

--by DarienMatthew10, posted Oct 27, 2010

On one of those hot days last week I went to the supermarket to pick up some groceries. The walk alone made me thirsty.

On route I saw a local homeless women and thought to myself, 'She must be parched!"  So I decided I was going to pick up a few extra bottled waters at the supermarket. 

I returned with three extra waters; one I gave to the homeless lady. She gave me a big, grateful smile before she opened the bottle and drank. The second bottle I gave to a  local man who watches the store displays out in the street. 

The third bottle I drank myself. It was amazing how refreshing it was - or maybe that was just the buzz from helping others!

I went home feeling good. 

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unknown wrote: cute :)
JuneBug wrote: IT DOES make you feel good, doesn't it??? You can never go wrong with water on a hot day !!! Good for you !!! :D

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