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Harvesting Kindness From An Orange Tree

--by turner, posted Oct 29, 2010

I have an orange tree that keeps giving and giving. 

I wanted to use my smile cards, so I picked about 60 oranges, divided them up among ten bags or so and taped one of the smile cards on each bag. 

Then I went around my neighborhood leaving these bags of freshly picked, juicy sweet oranges by the doors of my neighbors. 

I hope they'll enjoy them.

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Readers Comments

MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Well orange you special! What a nice thing to do for your neighbors! :)
turner wrote: What a clever thing to say!!!
Bluebell wrote: You are very blessed to have an orange tree. I used to have orange and lemon trees and a viniard in my garden and I keept pesting friends and family to take as much as they want. 5 years latter I have a small garden and a few lettuces, but I remember with joy my fresh lemons. Thank you for your kindness. Love and Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell
unknown wrote: Your orange tree is your angel. You are our angel :)
JuneBug wrote: YUM!!! Fresh oranges !!! How sweet !!! LITERALLY !!!!...No, me and MakeSomeoneSmile are NOT related !!! LOL!!!!! :D
Aurelia wrote: This is a wonderful way to spread happiness! Smile cards and freshly picked Oranges!!! WOW...lucky them...and lucky you!
turner wrote: I can't wait until my melons, cucumbers and tomatoes come in!!!
trueblue wrote: I have a cherries and a peach tree, I hope the give me giving fruit

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