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Smile Away and Make Someone's Day

--by Aurelia, posted Nov 1, 2010

Try to remember that even when you don't have any extra cash to share or spare and you still have that burning desire to do good and make a difference, you can always smile!

Yesterday I was picking my daughter up from school. As we drove home I got stuck behind a 'transport vehicle'. I didn't know then but it was a van that took elderly folk in wheelchairs wherever they needed to go. Anyway, when I decided to pass the van I put a big smile on my face!

The van had large windows and you could see right inside. There she was, looking right at us, an elderly lady. She was in a wheelchair and still in her pajamas. Who knows  where she was about to go; to the hospital for testing, to a room in a new nursing home, I just didn't know.

So I smiled widely and waved at her. She looked surprised and then started smiling and waving back to me. It was as though we knew each other! My daughter and her friend started waving too. It felt good and really gave me a lift! 

We made each others days with those smiles that cost nothing. I am sure of it! Smiles are contagious!

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taoareva wrote: Je voudrai les smiley
Eve90 wrote: I guess she must be shocked to see someone suddenly smile to her but she might be happy to0 to receive ur smile and that's why she smile back to you. Even when she reach her destination, i guess when she recall back someone, a stranger for her, suddenly smile at her, i am sure she will smile again =) good!
heartofflesh wrote: Your post is simple but inspiring.
Kepp it up my friend!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Smiles truly can change the world and you are always a wonderful part of that! :)
iferlamb wrote: way to go! That is SO sweet!
JuneBug wrote: Smiles say alot...'Don't be nervous of that testing!''..''Enjoy your new home!''..Like you said, we don't know what they were going through, but your smile was certainly an encouragement in whatever they were facing!! Smiles mean alot !!! :D
irishgirl wrote: seems like when we smile, we have the ability to turn the world, in one moment, from strangers to family and friends. i'm glad you posted this.
unknown wrote: here's a wave from my end too :D
Jacinda wrote: That is so awesome Aurelia!! I'm sure that would have surely made her day :)
When my sisters and I are in the car together we love to wind down our windows and wave and call out "hello, have a great day!" you always seem to get a smile when that happens :) At christmas we wave and call out the car window "Merry Christmas" or at the New Year "Happy New Year" etc..any holiday we have. It's so awesome to see so happy faces :) And 99% of the time complete strangers wave and call back "same to you" or hoping you have a great day too :) When kindness touches the world it doesn't seem very big at all! But oh so small :)
Your post was very inspiring Aurelia! You are a star!!! :) Waving from NZ and hoping you have a wonderful day! Lots of love, Jacinda :)
sethi wrote: Hi ,
Hope you and your family are fine . Keep smiling .

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