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An Act of Honesty Saves a Vacation

--by Aurelia, posted Nov 3, 2010

My oldest daughter is on vacation this week. She called last night to tell us that she arrived safely in North Carolina. She said, "Don't get mad but I lost my wallet." Then she quickly added, "But it's been returned to me!"

She had left the highway to get gas and some food. Her boyfriend was in a hurry to get going  because they had a few more hours to drive before reaching their desitination. She placed her wallet on the car roof, put the puppy in the back seat, and quickly jumped into the car. Off they went, with the wallet still on the roof!

They were about a  half hour away and they came to a toll booth. She reached in her purse for her wallet and couldn't find it. She had a lump in her throat as she remembered leaving it on the roof.

She started to cry. Then, almost immediately, her cell phone rang. It was the local police. They said someone had dropped off her wallet and she could come pick it up.

She did and all the vacation money was there. Nothing was missing. She asked for the name of the person who returned it but the police said they couldn't give the information out.

I told my daughter, "It was an anonymous act of kindness and whoever did it is smiling, knowing that you got your wallet back and were able to enjoy your vacation."

Honest people do exist! This is proof!

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Readers Comments

roxanne wrote: Its beautiful :)
Spoonerism wrote: Yay! Good wallet karma again! I truly believe that 9 times out of 10 the wallet is returned as it's found! Maybe even more! Hope your daughter has a great holiday, i'm sure she'll have the opportunity to return the favour sooner or later. :-)
Eve90 wrote: Honest people do make others happy and smile. A new input for me to learn =)
iferlamb wrote: Oh THANK GOODNESS! I am so glad the wallet was returned and that nothing was missing. Yes, we are everywhere. I love that they wanted to remain anonymous. LOVE IT!
heartofflesh wrote: The purse was returned, filled with kindness and love.
Bless all who are connected with this kind act.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: It is always nice to read stories about the good in the world. I am glad it worked out for her!
trueblue wrote: Yes they are around,its nice when that happens....i've found and returned a few myself over the years....bless their cotton socks :)
anshu wrote: Good people always for good person.
Thanks for sharing.

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