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New Glasses and Well Wishes

--by nikfilms, posted Oct 10, 2010

An old man I knew fell down in front of my house.  He was okay but he had smashed his glasses.  I knew he was living off a pension and had limited resources so I told him I would like to get his glasses fixed for him.

He told me if I go to a certain optometrist they'll do it free if I mentioned his name. I took the glasses there, mentioned his name, and they said "yeah, we know him" and then charged me $80 to fix them.

I never told him they charged me, I just passed on his new glasses and my well wishes.

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withany wrote: God bless you for your kindness
Glowworm wrote: Excellent! The world needs more people like you :-)
sabrina wrote: You are a kind heart. nice of you to take the initiative to help him and then doing it so quietly though you paid for it. i wish the best for you.cheers
trueblue wrote: What a nice thing to do for someone ...god bless you ...SMILES :-)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Bless you for your quiet but very loud kindness! May you receive more blessings than you know what to do with! :)

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