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Creating a Smile at a Difficult Time

--by amac68, posted Oct 9, 2010

I met a lady a few weeks ago whose husband had recently passed away. She told me she was lonely and dealing with immense grief. She expressed that she was struggling with doing things around the house that she was not physically able to do.

I like doing yard work, so I called her up and asked if I could come by, as I wanted to mow her yard for her.  After two hours I finished and she was so thrilled to see a well groomed yard and tearfully she thanked me and said she just could not believe someone would work in the hot sun to help someone just like that.

I expressed how much pleasure it gave me to do this for her.  She was like a new person full of smiles and joy.  What a blessing it was for me. 

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Readers Comments

unknown wrote: amac, that is what I call the transformation to trust ... faith ... what a beautiful action connecting two souls ... happy for both of ya :)))
cabbage wrote: You are so awesome!!!!! Thank you so much. Love and hugs to you.
trueblue wrote: Good on you...that would have meant a lot to this lady, hot sun, 2hr job, what a helping smiley friend you've been...good job.... :-)
heartofflesh wrote: You brought smile to her face and beauty to her soul ... Great work.....
sabrina wrote: Not many people would have volunteered to do it. You are a beautiful spirit. Thanks for spreading the smiles and wish them back to u too. Sabrina
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: How very kind of you! Bless you for taking the time to care!
Aurelia wrote: You are wonderful!!! Thanks for helping out. I'm sure it gave her quite a smile on her face to see her lawn looking soooo GOOD :0) Keep up the good works. ~Aurelia

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