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An Email Sent With Gratitude

--by morgan.wilson, posted Nov 25, 2010

At the store today, I asked my mother if we could buy some carrots, and she agreed that we could use something healthy in our diet.  After returning home, I was unloading the items and spotted the carrots.  Feeling a healthy impulse, I took one out, washed it, and took a bite.  I heard the loud crunch and was suddenly drawn into a flashback experience.

When I was about nine years old, a babysitter who watched over me owned horses, but only the "older" kids got to feed them.  I recall that my curiosity and desire to join in this activity prompted me to walk over to the stalls, quickly take a bite off the end of a carrot, and feed it to the horse before she saw.  This flashback motivated me to take the time to email her and tell her what a big impact she had on my life.  About ten minutes later, she called me in tears wondering where the time went and thanked me so much for all the wonderful years I spent with her.  I was really touched by the impact that a thoughtful email could have when it was charged with the intention of gratitude and the desire to connect.

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AUrelia wrote: That's so nice of you email her and also for her to CALL you! It must have been wonderful to talk with her.
Sometimes the time we take to say "Thank You" means the world!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Good for you for taking the time to reach out. I'm sure that meant more than you know!
trueblue wrote: That's a nice memory for you and just to think it all started with a carrot..and nice to get back in touch :-)
iferlamb wrote: such a simple gesture yet it meant SO much!
unknown wrote: What a beautiful crunch it turned out to be :)
JuneBug wrote: It important to tell others how we feel about them and the difference they made in our lives. With me, it makes me careful as to what I say and do to encourage others...You acted on your good thoughts of someone else and shared it...That's awesome !

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