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Just To See Them Smile

--by letstalkreally, posted Nov 28, 2010

I have been visiting my mother and my aunt, who both have Alzheimer's, every week for the last five years.

After dinner many of the residents in the nursing home who are in wheelchairs have to wait for someone to push them towards the exit. I usually spend a good twenty minutes helping them. It is incredible how grateful they are, they keep on saying thank you. I do it just to see a smile on their faces and often imagine them young when they didn't need anybody.

Many tell me that God will pay me back. I say He already has since I have been able to keep my mother this long after my father's death.

Little gestures sometimes go a long way.

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MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Little gestures definitely go a long way. Bless you for your kindness! :)
unknown wrote: Your name means 'God is with us' ... So, I m not surprised you are able to stand upto your name. Your deed reminds me of my brother's loyalty helping my brother as long as he lived. You are wonderful. Please be who you are. Its beautiful :)
emmanuelle wrote: Thank you to Makesomeonesmile and Deepula for your nice comments
May your day be full of love and tenderness

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