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Tagged For The Very First Time

--by InnerAlchemist, posted Nov 26, 2010

This weekend I was tagged for the first time! 

After participating in HelpOthers for a couple months now I am grateful to finally be on the receiving end of a random act of kindness!

A young woman at a dance class paid for my evening lesson. She had been gifted her lesson that very same night. 

It was a nice surprise when she and the organizer found out that I am well aware of the great things happening on this site!

Today I continued the chain and paid forward this Smile Card at a Himalayan Fair. I struck up a conversation with a woman in line and smoothly told the cashier that I'm paying for her meal. She and the cashier were pleasantly surprised and appreciative.

Hooray for kindness ripples continuing to sail through the world!

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Sydney wrote: I love this chain! And yes hooray for kindness ripples.
PaddyD wrote: kindness ripples lol I love it. But how awesome to be tagged by a complete stranger who had no idea you were part of this site until you told them.
iferlamb wrote: Woo Hoo! Too awesome!
unknown wrote: clap clap ! smiles together :):)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is great to hear! You never know when kindness will find you but I'm glad to hear it did!
heartofflesh wrote: It is a privilege to be part of this site !

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