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Smile Card Revolution at School

--by Kirsty13, posted Dec 7, 2010

I am currently in grade twelve at my school and have been working on a project by creating a group of eight girls, ranging from grades five to six, to stop bullying.  I introduced these girls to the Smile Card idea, and it was a huge hit.  We have been meeting every week since then.  Next thing I know, one girl came up to me with over 100 Smile Cards that she had printed out from this website and colored in herself!

This shows me that kindness can reach all different ages.  Now, the girls are continuously spreading the cards and making journals of their experiences.  I plan to get our whole school involved in this Smile Card revolution. 

My next theme is "We are all the same yet so different."  These girls gave me hope that people in this world do care.

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MagicalMoments wrote: Im glad people are starting to realize the bullying needs to stop!

Im so glad though to see someone take more action. Kudos to you! Keep it going!
bunnie knight wrote: I really enjoy the smile cards. Every chance i get to give out one i do. I know its help people to know that someone thought of them for just one minute. In the world today these cards are just what we need.
luv4all wrote: Wow, you are creating a revolution , so good and courageous. Please keep going ahead , it will take you a long way. Thank god for blessing you early in life.
bookworm58 wrote: That is so special to see something postive in our schools. We can all get along if only we show a little kindness to each other. Thanks for sharing the story.
InnerAlchemist wrote: People in this world do care! Not only did they give you hope, but I'm fairly certain that you have inspired their hope and the hopes of all the people they have touched.
peanut wrote: What a wonderful young lady you are. Bullying is something that has to be stopped,what a better way to do it than thru love.
Aurelia wrote: WOW! I love reading this! I am so proud of your girls...I hope the boys join too! THank you for working with the group ...that is such a difficult time with much drama going on in their lives. It's nice to know they are using their energy towards something so positive! :0) Smiles are Contagious, ~Aurelia
1golddragonfly wrote: Great job! Bullying has become such a hot issue. You are helping to make a difference. Please continue to update us as your adventure continues.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is great! I commend you for taking the time to make a difference. Bless you and I wish you much success in all of your kindness adventures!

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