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My $100 Kindness Mission

--by keriann, posted Nov 25, 2010

I submited a kindness idea to $100 kindness contest and I won.  Armed with $100 and a mission - WOW! What an amazing week I just had! It started out last weekend - the first goal was to fill 20 “Smile Baggies” to give out.

I had so much fun all Saturday picking out the items to buy. I'm a single mom of a teenager, so the opportunity to buy something without worrying about whether it would hurt our monthly budget made me feel like I had won the lottery!

I picked out some practical items – a post-it note pad, pen, hand sanitizer wipes, and breath mints. But since it was a “smile baggie”, I also got some fun stuff too – microwave popcorn, hot cocoa, bubble gum, a smile stamp, and a small bottle of bubble bath.

I spent Sunday night bagging all the goodies and attached the following letter to each bag:

"HI! This “Smile Bag” is just for you. I hope it brings a smile to your face. It brought many smiles to my face as I picked them out for you. The Smile Bag was inspired by – which is dedicated to small acts of kindness. The idea is to make someone smile, to do something for someone (without expecting anything in return) – making the world a better place – one act of kindness at a time, one community at a time.

The second bag (with the Smile Card) is for you to give a smile to someone else. It could be someone you know - a friend, a co-worker, or a neighbor. Or someone you don’t – like the cashier at the store, the teller at the bank, or the lady that sits next to you on the bus. You will be amazed at how great it feels to bring a smile to someone else.

And I encourage you to keep the spirit a live. Go to for ideas, stories, and inspiration. Kindness is contagious!"

Because I wanted to remain anonymous I decided to bring 4 “smile baggies” (2 sets) to work each day (I figured it would be too hard to hide 20 smile bags). Then I set off “planting” them around the hospital I worked at. I left a set in the employee lunchroom near the microwave, in the employee locker room, in the nursing medical supply room, on a cleaning supply cart, in the copy machine room, etc. I woke each morning excited and had fun thinking of where to leave the next smile bag. It felt like Christmas!

Thank you for allowing me to experience such an amazing week. I hope that I was able to make a big splash and that the ripples from this week flow far and wide and never end. WOW!


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kayakool wrote: Awesome. Fantastic.
stoic wrote: Now that's inspiring!
Grace, wrote: Reply | reply to all | forward | print | delete | show original
Greetings to you from myanmar, i am very happy to know a bout you and
The ministry,and the church.

I wanted to invite you to work in myanmar,every day many people
Eat less than 1$. Many people are hungry , many children are no
Education,no going to school,many children are no home,we need very
Much your prayer and help,even me i have 30 orphans and poor
Children,many time i can't provide food regular,many time we eat once
In a day,i look after this children,feed them and sent them government
School,i can't buy for them clothes,sleeper ,and umbrella ,we are
Very much need of your help and prayer,we also don't have our house
,we rent the house and stay ,we paid for one year, please help for our
House, thank you so much for your
Concern and prayer for myanmar people,
With prayer,
Mrs grace
Director new life children home,
success wrote: Amazing. You described your experience so vividly that your happiness and excitement reached me while reading your post. Keep up the extra awesome job!
erinvictoria wrote: Thank you for this great idea. With the tax refund right around the corner, i think i will take some of it to the dollar store and make "smile bags". Awesome idea! I can't wait to do this! Thank you.
anita wrote: Hi, in my organization we have a program where we award the employees who shows act of kindness and go beyond their call of duty. I want to make this program popular in my organization so that more people will be motivated. Please give me some creative ideas.
luv4all wrote: So cute actually. I can imagine someone or the other finds it, smiles with a whole group and passes it on. Some who do not understand throw it off for someone else to discover, who shares smiles with others on finding it. Great to know and i am sure it keeps you smiling all the while
Kimmi wrote: I love this idea. I am going to try and incorporate this on our local freecycle group. Www. Freecycle. Org
iferlamb wrote: How awesome! I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you so very much for sharing it!

Raarmom wrote: I am so inspired by this. I am sharing this with my family. We have decided to only give this year, and not get. My son is trying so hard to get in the spirit of it. By sharing these stories with him i feel he will understand that it feels good to give.

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