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Custodian Finds A Card!

--by A Custodian, posted Jan 14, 2006

How did you hear about us? My Friend handed me a card.
What inspired you to join? The joy of doing good things.
--Joshua, in New York

This is my second time emailing you. First, I only asked for a few cards to try this at our school and the response has been great. Both teachers and students have been coming to my office in the Guidance, where I am Academically Gifted Resource Teacher, asking for more cards and wanting to join in this game. Also, some were quite excited when they had been tagged. Your cards really brighten our school days. If you could send us some more to brighten our already sunny days in North Carolina, we would appreciate it very much. Many thanks to you from all of us at Lufkin Road Middle School. We are getting ready to take the EOG's this month and could use some extra acts of kindness. Thanks again for your wonderful idea and lovely cards!!!
--Mirka, in North Carolina

I looked the word kindness up on the computer and it gave my your web site. My girlfriend and I were talking about what we could do to make the world a little and we better and we thought about acts of kindness.
--Jewel, in Washington

I am a custodian at a public school. After waiting a much longer time than usual to clean a Math room for a teacher busy working on his students final grades, I finally was able to enter the room to vacuum. The usual amount of paper was on the floor and as I picked up this one piece of paper, I happened to look at it. It was one of your cards. I think this is a wonderful idea. The world needs more kindness!
--Jean, in Wisconsin

Someone tagged me. And now I want to make others days a little brighter as mine was.
--Corrine, in Indiana

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Bonyo wrote: Is the card nessage secret?
jsmc10 wrote: I love that this is in schools and people are wanting to participate :)
jerrylen giva wrote: Good
Jami2D wrote: Teachers are wonderful! Thank you for loving our little kiddos:)
hislamb wrote: I am a p. E . Teacher and every day before i dismiss my students i remind them to say something or do something kind for someone that day. And that even if it is a very small thing that they do, it still matters and will make a difference in someone's life.
mariah wrote: I am such a kind person everywhere I go there is somone there waitng to be my friend, because only the kind and respectful people have the REAL friends. So if you are wondering why You dont have any friends, well it's because your not kind and respect to every living creture on earth.

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