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Feeding the Soul by Helping People

--by etseth, posted Jan 15, 2011

Hi all, I would just like to say what a FAB site this is, and I feel blessed to be in this with soooo many beautiful people.

At the tail end of 2007, my wife at the time told me that our marriage was over.  It hit me extremely hard emotionally, physically, and financially.  I had my faith in a lot of things taken away from me.  But that all changed because of the love of the person that I was put on this earth to be with!! To cut a long story short, I put my house on the market (selling it at the worst possible time due to the economic meltdown), made a pittance on the sale, but I did not mind because at least I wasn't in negative equity.  Being grateful for what I have, instead of dwelling on what I don't have has really kept me in good stead these past three years.  I up'd the stakes and moved from my homeland of England to Wales, which was very daunting, but I didn't care as I knew that I just had to be with my soul mate!!

Once I got settled in and Christmas of 2008 was out of the way, I started up my very own charity project called ETSETH at the beginning of 2009.  At that time, there was doom and gloom around wherever you turned -- the TV, radio, and newspapers all said the same thing!  It was then that I thought enough was enough.

So ETSETH was born...

What I offered (as a plasterer) was to plaster a room free of charge for deserving families to bring a new lease of life to a certain room.  Fast forward to the present, and I now have every other trade on board with me: I receive a donation of building materials each month, I have a website for the project that was done at a fraction of the cost, and vehicle graphics, jumpers, and t-shirts with the project logo were all donated free of charge.  So what we now do is a complete room makeover for deserving families, and I can't believe just how rewarding it is.  To say that I have met some truly inspirational people along the way is an understatement.  It feeds my soul to help these people, let me tell you!!

So to all fellow members, please remember this: "WE MAKE A LIVING OUT OF WHAT WE GET, BUT WE MAKE A LIFE OUT OF WHAT WE GIVE."

Love and light to you all.

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Spoonerism wrote: Such a great story! So many things to draw from it... the way you bounced back from the difficulty of divorce and your life being turned upside down... to finding your girlfriend (who I read is amazing!) and starting the ETSETH idea... Really whole hearted congratulations for creating something amazing out of something that must have been a real blow! :-)
sabrina wrote: You are surrounded by waves of smiles with your kindness. Your quote is good, would like to share with my friends. Nice to know you found your soul mate. Have a great life. Smilesss
cirrus wrote: The sentence in caps is really a great one. Thanks for this.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Your story is awesome and I couldn't agree more with your quote. We can make a difference, we only need to choose the way we wish to do so! Bless you for the way you have chosen! :)
iferlamb wrote: How wonderful that you can help so many people! I am so happy to hear that you have found happiness! You are making a beautiful life but what you give!

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