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It Is In Giving That You Get

--by keymaker, posted Jan 16, 2011

It was one of those unexpected moments of generosity that just takes your breath away -

I called up my favorite sandwich shop, ordered two veggie hoagies, and arranged to pick them up in ten minutes. Parking places are hard to find around there so my wife dropped me off, saying she would pick me up again in a few minutes. 

I walk in and mention my order. "Ah yes! Here you go. That'll be $14.87," the burly man behind the counter said.  I gave him the cash and he handed me my change. As I picked up the napkins he handed me a giant empty glass. "Here you go," he said. "That's for your drink." 

I took it, not really sure why he had given it to me. "Um, I actually didn't order a drink," I said and tried to hand him the glass back.  "Oh, I know. Go ahead, help yourself to a drink," he insisted.

I couldn't believe it! He was just being generous! Happily, I filled the glass with a drink and I noticed he wasn't doing that to any other customer.  So, right before I left I smiled and asked him, "To what do I owe this honor?"

He just raised both his hands, shrugged his shoulders, and said, "No real reason. Just thought you'd enjoy it with your meal." It was a beautiful moment. And then he added, "As they say, it is in giving that you get."

Now, I've heard that statement before but to hear in this context, in the two minutes I have for picking up a sandwich, unexpectedly from the man behind the counter -- it was really something.

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123u2 wrote: How wonderful if everyone would show kindness without any prompting, that made you feel good to. Nice story.
cabbage wrote: Awesome! Just the thing to wash down those yummy hoagies :-) (i miss hearing that word. ) what a sweet gesture. I'm sure you will pass it on.
heartofflesh wrote: It is gracious to receive... I am sure the whole incident made you happy and is full of pleasant surprises.... May be it was time for you to receive what you sowed...
luv4all wrote: People tag those who are kind and good. God gives them special treatment in this form, so you know you are blessed.
AURELIA wrote: Little ways to make a customer feel special can really make you feel connected with them. I'm sure you'll be back for more sandwiches and Smile at him each time you do :0) ~Aurelia
JuneBug wrote: That's enough to make one's day totally complete,huh??? :D
sabrina wrote: He wished you 'bon appetit' with the drink and made your day. I am sure you passed on the smile to your wife too. Smilesss. Sabrina
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is awesome! Small kind acts like that make all the difference! :)
Mumeishi wrote: Cool. Thanks for sharing. It just goes to show that it doesn't take much to alter ones day in a positive direction.

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