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50 Acts Of Kindness in 15 Days

--by Bluebell, posted Jan 14, 2011

I had decided to do as many acts of kindness as possible during the month of September, and I must say that I have surprised myself. I I never thought that I would get that much done in such a little space of time.

I haven't done anything  extra-ordinary, but I have been making sure to keep doing them. For example today is the birthday of a friend from HO and also from a very good friend (almost like a sister) from PT so I decided to top up their birthday presents by donating a small amount to a charity on their behalf that is going to allow 1 child to have clean water for a year, and 1 child to have medical care for 3 months, that didn't cost me the earth and I think it gave their birthdays a RAOK touch. 

Other things I've done include:

  • sending a card to a person I know is going through a rough time with some comforting words;
  • leaving smile cards and kindness stones in different places for people to find;
  • I gave chocolates and a kindness stone to my postman yesterday, it was raining and he was completely soaked, so it was lovely to see him smile;
  • I helped a friend studying for her exam and offered to help her for as long as she needs until the exam.

These are just some expamples, I've done lots more little things wherever I can and they've made my heart sing.

I've been keeping a note, I'm halfway through the month and I've already done 50 random actos of kindness.  I'm hoping I can reach 100 :)

 Wish me luck!

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Readers Comments

satish wrote: Hope you will bring many more smiles in near future. All the best!

peanut wrote: really great bluebell,i hope i can be like you.great inspiration bless you.
Happy7 wrote: God bless you. How encouraging and inspiring you are.
LynneC wrote: Thank you are a real inspiration to us all. Have a wonderfully kind 2011!!
Sydney wrote: This is really incredible! I hope you made 100 ;) Your kindness spirit is so inspiring!
kyraANDkayla wrote: You are going to make it to 100 and I know his because now you have inspired me and I am going to do so as well. If you don't make it personaly, just remeber that thse who you helped mst have helped someone else too.
unknown wrote: I wish you 101 ! its all about surpassing ourselves for better in our most natural ways right ... your dream is a worthier one and I am cheering you from here ... Go for it friend :) love, deepula.
Spoonerism wrote: Add to that sending out hand made smile cards and inspirational quotes to my wife and I... :-) We were both thrilled to receive them and are going to come up with some ideas to start spreading the love around! Thanks for your continued dedication Bluebell! Love Spoonerism!
Bluebellgirl wrote: okay. now im officially inspired. thats true! why 29 days when you can do 50 days of giving:) way to go Bluebell ^_^
magsue wrote: wow...that's a lot of kindness in only 15 days :)

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