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Learning Kindness From A Neighbor

--by Glowworm, posted Jan 22, 2011

Last winter, I had tons of snow on my driveway. My mom asked me to help shovel, since dad was working. I shoveled and shoveled mounds of the white stuff, panting and sweating and silently complaining.

My good neighbor saw that I was struggling, came over and helped me finish up. We chatted a few seconds. I can't remember what was said, but I suddenly felt bad for my rotten attitude. This man was pretty much a stranger helping me out without asking, and I couldn't shovel for my own family without feeling sore about it.

The year passed and I didn't think much about his kindness, until yesterday. The neighbor was working on his house with a group of his buddies. It was a fairly mild day, but if you were moving about you would probably work up a bit of a sweat and a good thirst.

I wrote a quick note, ran down to the little market store and bought five Gatorades, dropped them off on his porch steps, with the note, and walked away.

Thank you good neighbor of mine for your act of selfless kindness and for bringing me a little out of myself.

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RMB333 wrote: That was wonderful!It just proved you are being grateful.Thank you for sharing with us.Bless you!
LeeFae wrote: So he helped you with the snow AND with your heart, and maybe you did the same for him. I bet you gave them soemthing lovely to think about anyway. :)
erinvictoria wrote: Awesome! Good karma, what comes around goes around!
wow wrote: That is inspiring. It is nice that you would remember his kindness and did something to repay it.
Centre16 wrote: Well, done, glowworm!
Glowworm wrote: Thanks for the comments, folks. I've been away from this site lately. I forgot how supportive and kind this community is.
Saikat Nag wrote: Its indeed that we take out certain time for introspection on a daily basis. Thats why we practice quiet time. We as a human being can atleast take it on a daily basis. It just takes 15 mins. Rest assured one will lead a life san agony. I dont mean that we need to be saint but atleast we can be a part of rearmament process.
luv4all wrote: So glad, you realise your own mistake and able to accept it publicly. It needs courage and offers growth as a person.
kaytee2013 wrote: That is so sweet! I'm glad you remembered the small act of kindness, and returned the favor!
iheartrachel09 wrote: Wow! Feelin thirsty for the story,i need some gatorade too,xoxo")

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