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Kindness with Gummy Bears and a Partner

--by InnerAlchemist, posted Jan 25, 2011

I was on a first date with a woman at a coffee shop when I decided that I would like to reveal the side of me that carries out random acts of kindness.  I brought two pouches of gummy bear candies, and pulled out a Smile Card.  During our stimulating conversation, I invited her to be my partner in kindness – first, by looking for someone who has walked away from his seat in the café, and then swiftly and gracefully placing the gummy bear pouches and Smile Card on the person's seat.

It turns out that my timing for suggesting this to her was impeccable since a person sitting nearby stood up to go to the restroom just moments after I opened the topic.  It was as if the universe was smiling upon my desire to share kindness with my date and with a stranger.  As soon as the person walked away from the seat, I encouraged my date to place the tagged items on the empty chair, which she did with great speed and cunning.  Subsequently, the person returned to find a treat to delight her body and a Smile Card to fuel her sense of giving.

I gave my date a high-five and was glad to know that she was willing to be my partner in kindness.

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erinvictoria wrote: That is a great way to get a second date :-) also, you would have known right away that she wasn't the woman for you if she didn't want to share kindness. Everyone should do this on a first date!
cabbage wrote: Wow, what a cool experience! Thank you for sharing, and look forward to hearing about more kindness adventures shared! :-)
Bluebell wrote: I am so HAPPY that you found a partner in kindness. I wish you loads of fun and lovely kindness adventures. Don't forget to post them here. Love an Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell
unknown wrote: So cute to hear a kindness date ... May the blessings of the pleasantly surprised soul reach you both ... May you have many more wonderful kindness opportunities and a very successful date, inner alchemist ... God bless :):) deepula.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a wonderful first date experience! I am sure that she hasn't had that happen before! :)
Aurelia wrote: I love this! I hope all works out well for the two of you. Thanks for sharing with us and your date how easy it is to share kindness with others. :0) ~Aurelia

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