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--by Hearts Everywhere, posted Jan 14, 2006

Yesterday around 7:30pm in the evening, I was driving down Shallowford Road trying to concentrate despite the torrent of rain; it seems that the rain kept falling harder and harder. Just as I pulled up to a signal light, I noticed three women and a little girl walking down the sidwalk in the rain. Their arms were full of groceries. In fact, between the four of them they had three umbrellas but because the three older women were carrying so many bags, the little girl could not fit under the umbrella. She was sort of walking by herself carrying her own two bags. Just as I drew my mother's attention to them, a car that had just turned pulled up beside them and handed the little girl an umbrella. Right then and there, I felt as if I was protected and had been given the umbrella. Go random acts of kindness and dark blue honda pulling onto I-85 from Shallowford around 7:30pm on Monday, June 29!
--Bindi, in Maryland

I want as many cards as you can give me! They are a huge hit in every state I have ever taken them to!.... our small random acts of kindness in my home town is starting to grow and we need all the help we can get.
--Anna, in Michigan

I wanted to start making some sort of impact on the world...if you can touch one person, then you have made all the difference...:)
--Lisa, in California

A speaker at the Young Jains of America convention told us about them and handed us each one and I, in turn, recieved one from a random person at the convention and it made me so happy and realized it was an incredible idea.
--Ami, in Arizona

I saw a car sticker and then chanced upon your page advertised on Google....
--Naheed, in Mumbai, India

A friend did a kind act and gave me the card. It's a really cool concept and I wanted to be apart of it also. I love doing nice things for people, and no I can give them something with it also.
--Kalpita, in California

I am canvasser for Save the Children in New York City. In other words, I go out to different sites in the city with about 4 other people to educate the public about child poverty and sign on sponsors for the organization. I say "Hi" to about 400 New Yorkers, talk to about 25 of them, and sign on maybe one or two member a day. It's a job that drains me physically and emotionally, but knowing that my work helps those less fortunate children is truly a reward in itself. About 3 weeks ago I was in Sheridan Square in the Village having a rough day dealing with rude, unforgiving people in the blazing heat. Then, Adrienne came along. Not only did he sign on as a member, but also his overall positive attitude and congenial demeanor made my day and gave me a renewed love for my job. He gave me this card, two hugs, and the chance to laugh. All of which I could not put a price on. I pray I will never forget the impact his seemingly minute act had on me, and I hope I can do for countless people like Adrienne did for me.
--Carmela, in New Jersey

I heard *someone* speak the YJA (Youth Jain of America) and i was really inspired to help people. Its amazing how these kind acts make people see the world a little different. If you have a will to do something nice for someone, a door will always be opened for you. I may not have much money, but i sure can donate my time.
--Sumit, in California

I am teaching a workshop on Character building - Care based leadership. I plan to focus of Random Acts of Kindness to curb in-school violence. I think these cards would be great to hand out at the beginning of my workshop to get things started. I love this website and what its trying to accomplish. There just isn't enough happiness in the world today, but we can change that one person at a time. Thank you.
--Justine, in Nebraska

How did you hear about us? From a teacher at school. What inspired you to join? I want to make my community a better place to live so I am giving one to everyone at school.
--Damien, in New York

No one can do ONE big thing, but all of us can do MANY small things that mount to many, many, many big things. I want the people around me not to belittle the impact of one little may change someone’s life:).
--Sarah, in United Arab Emirates

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