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A Teenage Boy 'Starts at the Heart'

--by mitchell, posted Mar 1, 2011

I have always tried to base my life on helping others. Sometimes I have had to do without but that’s okay. Our family, like everyone else, are having a rough go of it and I feel blessed just to be able to provide for my own kids.

I know that my kids have always been kind-hearted and would do whatever they could for anyone else, but when I learned about a recent act of kindness my teenage son did for a friend, it has really touched my heart.

My son was going to school every day with lunch money in his pocket but yet coming home hungry. When we asked about this, we came to find out he was sharing his money daily with a friend that was going without any lunch every day.  As rough as we have it some days we now make sure there is lunch money for two in my son’s pocket.
The pride I carry in my heart is knowing my sons are growing up to be such fine young men and my daughter a fine young woman. The one thing we have always taught our kids, and it has carried them through their lives, is
to “start at the heart.” Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way.  Reading the stories every day inspires me to do more.

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Woodrose wrote: This is very moving story of kindness
My thanks to you and your son
For being so inspiring :)
Smiley70 wrote: What a great response to your son's sharing, you have set him up for a life of philanthrophy :)
keepsmilin wrote: God bless you and your family! There's always room for kindness, and your son was one of the few who put himself aside. The very thought wouldn't have occurred to me!
beth wrote: This is a great story
Therese wrote: It is really nice to see that we teach our kids don't go atray. Sometimes we think they are not listening but when you see it going into practice it makes us feel proud and we know that we are raising very special people. They are our future.
Ollie wrote: You have obviously have instilled in your children love and compassion for our fellow man. God bless you all.
Touched wrote: Wow! Be the change you want to see is so true here eh? I congratulations on raising such a wonderful kid! Kudos to your son! Keep paying it forward is what i try to live by! Wow! There is hope for our youth when parents are such great role models! Thanks for brightening my day! I read these all the time but your story is the only one that really hit home & touched me! Thanks for sharing & being a true blessing in afew lives. Pay it forward always; you never know who will be affected next! <3
Sajha wrote: How wonderful that you've raised your children to treat others with kindness, and that you supported your son's generosity with more of your own.

I've raised my children this way too and it's wonderful to know that other parents are doing the same.
mercy wrote: Wow,that is a great way of raising your children. Thumbs up to your son for his kindness.
sam wrote: The story was great

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