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Even Small Kindness Is Never Forgotten

--by Zevelina, posted Mar 5, 2011

I came across HelpOthers few days ago and I can`t stop reading the stories. I want to thank you all for sharing joy around the world and writing about it.

Ever since I was a kid I've believed that a smile is a cure and that kindness spreads around like a (wonderful) virus.

I`m glad to see how many stories of miraculous acts you all have written. I shared some of my favorite to my mom an hour ago. She was a bit down and I wanted to put a smile on her beautiful face and remind her that people can surprise you in a very pleasant way.

After hearing some of the stories from HelpOthers she told me one herself that happened 30 years ago. She was just a teenager on a vacation on the
Adriatic coast with her two best friends (they are still her best friends).  They were having coffee and ice cream in a local café when an older soldier came up to them telling them he would like to pay their tab. A bit unsure of his motive they hesitated at first.  He told them he has a sister their age and just felted an urge to do something nice for them.

I`m writing this for all of you doing things like this so that you realise the effects of your acts of kindness.  My mother experienced a small random act of kindness more than 30 years ago and still remembers that with so much warmth!

I hope this will be one more reminder that when you do something nice – you ARE making a difference. Thank you on behalf of all the people you've made smile!


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Anne wrote: Today give a stranger one of your smiles,
It might be the only sunshine he/she
May see all day!

Spread your smiles and make someone happy! *~*
bookworm58 wrote: Thank you for sharing the story. Its also nice to recieve a gift. / then you can pass it on to someone else. That is what i like to do.
Spoonerism wrote: Hope your mum's feeling a bit better! It's brilliant to hear how long your mum's memory of that act of kindness has lasted. Fingers cross all the kindness recorded here lasts that long and continues to ripple outwards as the years go by!
Charlie48 wrote: It's true. Looking back the small kindnesses that often people even forget doing are the ones that keep someone else's spirits up. Thank you for the lovely reminder story
Joy wrote: Isn't it amazing how acts of kindness are remembered so many years later. I'll never forget some people who showed me kindness either. Thanks for sharing.
elleescape wrote: Thank you for the light and love of your story, i can only hope i bring joy to someone like your mom. Give her hope from us!
1golddragonfly wrote: Welcome to the family zevelina! Thank you for your happy story and *hugs* to your mom.
thebigkind wrote: This is a wonderful site. Thanks for sharing your story and that of your mums. It made me smile.
luv4all wrote: Its so nice you are reading these stories to your mom and making her smile.

These stories can be shared with all and give us b'ful time of togetherness.

Thanks for sharing.
Ollie wrote: We should all remember that we can be a blessing to other people and them to us. Thank you for your story.

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