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Re-Energised By A Small Act of Kindness

--by livelife01, posted Mar 9, 2011

We had gone to another town for a wedding. It had been a long drive, and before going to the wedding hall, we decided to stop at a relative's home to freshen up. On the way to the stairs, I noticed a very old cobbler repairing some shoes.  He gave a heart smile and warm greetings to everyone who passed by him. I returned his greetings and walked up the stairs trying to think whether there was anything to eat in the car that I could offer him on the way back.

While coming down the stairs after freshening up, I decided that I would stop and talk to him and give him some cash instead. That way, he could purchase what he would like for himself and/or his family. So while the others went ahead, I stopped by where he sat, chatted with him for some minutes, and enjoyed his huge grin. I then gave him 500 rupees, saying it was a small token of appreciation from the world to him to use as he sees fit. He immediately burst into another huge smile, and blessed all :).

It made me forget my tiredness from the long journey and gave me a new lease of energy to attend the wedding and endure the long drive back home.

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MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Awwww, that is great! I'm sure his smile made all the difference! :)
Bluebell wrote: That was very kind of you. Thanking for for your loving kindness. Love and Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell

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