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Christmas Smiles During Tough Times

--by KatesMommy, posted Mar 11, 2011

Times are tough for my little girl and me right now. She knows that Christmas may not be so good for her this year, but we have decided to do all the crazy stuff like dancing to Christmas music around our living room and acting nutty ;). Then we plan on going to eat our dinner, make some instant cookies, and have milk while watching Miracle on 34th Street once again (her favourite movie). Anyhow, after that, we decided that we will use our scrap booking art and make some Christmas Smile Cards tonight.

We are going to send some out via email. The others, we are going to stick on our neighbors' doors and wish them a Merry Christmas, along with the Smile Cards. Shhh... they won't know it was us. We are even going to leave one with a plate of cookies in the mailbox for the mailman. We are also going to hang one on our tree to remind us that no matter what we do or do not have, if we just smile once in a while, things may not be so bad.

I am still praying for a Christmas for my little girl. But, she knows that Santa may come a bit late, and she is getting used to that idea. I think what is helping is that her mommy is doing things she should not be doing right now. She keeps saying, "Mommy, you're not all the way healed." I told her that she is the best medicine and that I feel fine. She giggled and I was laughing as well. But, shhhh, inside I am like, "Ouch." Nevertheless, it is all worth it to see her smile. It is going to be fun tonight... whatever it takes. Thank God that I have hot water to take a hot bath after all this dancing... :-)

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Patricia wrote: I don't understand why this message bears the date march 11? Which year/christmas is this story from? How are you now, katesmommy? Were you ill? I hope that things have turned out good for you.
InnerAlchemist wrote: Nice that you are thinking and caring about your daughter during Christmas. Remember to do the same for yourself so you can spread more goodness with the world!
SriSriMahatmaKri wrote: Tonight the meditation group The Order Of The White Lotus will meditate for you and your daughter, and pray for goodwill to come your way. I hope you and her had a good Christmas...May our energy touch you both and heal you. Love and Light -MahatmaKrishna
Bluebell wrote: Thanks for sharing your "goofy story" there is still time for Santa to show up and even if he gets late he never fails :-) Love and Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell
KatesMommy wrote: You are so welcome..Glad to see someone enjoyed it..LOL We sure did..I pray Santa comes on time that is all I can do. Thank You for the smiles and light..
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: The memories of you both dancing and laughing will be what she remembers as she grows, not necessarily the gifts. Merry Christmas to you both! :)

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