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Persevering With My Kindness Mission

--by InnerAlchemist, posted Mar 10, 2011

I find that gifting food to others can sometimes be a challenging deed to accomplish.  Last night, I encountered two Asian women collecting bottles from recycling bins in the road, so I asked whether they were hungry and wanted some food.  They hardly responded, and one merely looked at me with a puzzled look on her face.  I assume that they either did not understand English or simply had no desire to receive food.

A similar interaction happened this past weekend when I was seeking to give away some pears that I received as gifts (which of course I washed before giving away).  As I rode my bike under a highway overpass, I noticed a homeless woman sitting in the dark, empty space below the highway.  I turned my bike around and rode up beside her.  She appeared to be dirty, had a bin likely filled with possessions, and was fidgeting lethargically with a water bottle as I got off my bicycle to approach her.  Before even asking if she was hungry, I said "hello" and "excuse me" to get her attention.  I received no response, and even after repeating these words in a louder tone, she gave me no response.  This was very surprising and frustrating, and though I had the idea of coming closer into her personal space to get her attention (in order to benefit her), I decided that it was better to leave the situation alone and simply walk away.  Nevertheless, I pressed on to connect the pear with someone who needed it.

Later that evening, I ventured into the city for entertainment and brought the pear to infuse some kindness into my fun.  I found a homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk and left the pear next to him with a Smile Card.  The next day, I did the same thing with another pear for a different sleeping homeless person.  Even though I did not have a personal connection with the recipient of these food items, I felt mild satisfaction knowing that my positive intention was left with a couple other people.  However, I ideally like to gift food to others when I can consciously connect with the recipients in the moment of giving.

Nevertheless, the kindness must continue!  I welcome hearing comments, ideas, and suggestions.  Have any of you encountered a similar type of challenge?

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Bluebell wrote: I must say that your stories always put a smile on my face. I am sure that if anyone would speak louder let's say in arabic for example, that would not help me to get the message, I would probably think that I had done something wrong... Have you ever tried just doing the action, make eye contact with the person hand them the food and smile? That's all that it's needed, there are actions that speak louder and deeper than words that many times get lost in the translation. I loved the detail that you washed the pears before you gave them away... You are truly one of a kind. Love and Light, Bluebell
Humbled wrote: Lovely story! I agree with Bluebell!! No telling what the situation was, they may have been deaf and blind! BUt to know you were not satisfied with kindness for the day and not only did you give a pear and a smiling card but you washed it..*tears* :)Peace and Blessings!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Not everyone is receptive to kindness, which is the sad state of the world today. But not giving up and finding ways to spread the love like you did DOES make a difference. Keep up the great work and kudos to you for not getting discouraged and keeping it going! :)

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