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A Christmas Ripple Effect

--by Jarhead, posted Dec 25, 2011

When I first got married, I told my wife that every year at Christmas, I love to give a gift to someone anonymously.  I feel that's the true meaning of Christmas - it is about giving and not receiving. 

My wife had a friend that she had grown close to over time.  Well just before Christmas one year, she lost her job, She had very little by way of savings and no where to turn for help, and she has two young children.  So I told my wife we need to help but we should do it anonymously. 

We purchased a money order from a store and mailed it to her with no return address. We had a friend address so she wouldn't know the handwritting and it was mailed from a city outside of our area so the postmark was unknown. 

Well 4 years later, also at Christmas time, my wife decided to tell her who the money was from when she did her friend just smiled and said from that Christmas on she has been helping others who are in need every Christmas. 

 It just goes to show you a little help can have a lot of ripples.

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HappyDae wrote: For you to have enjoyed giving in this manner all of your life, you must have had wonderfully generous and giving parents. Their goodness continues through you and your wife. And the ripples do, indeed, go on and on. Thank god for people such as the two of you. Love and peace, happydae
Lori Emmons wrote: Such a great story i had to posta link on my blog for ne year's! Thank you!
cosmicgunslinger wrote: Nice, but curious. What made you decide to reveal the donor?
Myke wrote: Very much inspirational act that depths the reason for the season, which is giving. For god so loved the world that he gave his only son and his son gave his dear life,and expect us to give our time to spread the gospel l appreciate this kindness.
Joy wrote: Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. How generous of you and your wife and how inspiring that it created more acts of kindness.
thaata wrote: Hai, such a nice act on your part has created the ripple effect and your sharing the story inspired many more to do nice and kind act. Wish you a wonderful christmas and new year.
Joyfulwillow wrote: An inspiring story! The contagion of your act was well worth the effort. There is pleasure in receiving, but true joy in the giving. Bless you.
lizard14 wrote: Very cool
AnnieJ wrote: Hey, that's pretty cool! Maybe i'll try it for the next thing that comes up. I guess my birthday! :d
Bonnie wrote: That is very nice! You and your wife 's helpful hands made people from plight to realise how to go on with their lives

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