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Paying Forward My Gratitude

--by dragonmyst77, posted Apr 23, 2011

When I was 23 years old I was in a dangerous relationship with the man who was my financee at the time. I was being physically and verbally abused on a daily basis.  I was financially tied to him (after he spent all my savings to pay his debts) but I wanted to be free! 

For the longest time I was too embarrassed to tell my mother about the situation. She had warned me about him. But, eventually, I worked up the courage to tell her and she sent me the money I needed to leave. 
Before the money arrived he found out what I planned to do. I was so scared of what he might do I decided to leave all my things and just get out of there.
Then, on my way to safety, my car died! I had automobile insurance (thanks to my mom) so I called the AAA and had them tow the car to a garage.  It turned out the repair was going to cost $80.00 and the money my mom sent hadn't arrived by that point.  
The owner of the garage must have known something was up because he asked what was wrong. I told him a brief version of my story and told him I could pay him in two days.  
He never told me his name but I will never forget him or what he did for me that day! He fixed the car immediately and told me he would not accept any payment - ever! He said he had a daughter almost my age and would like to think that if she ever needed help in the future then some stranger might do the same for her.
Since then I have tried to help people in my own way. Now I have a beautiful twelve year old daughter and I hope throughout her life she can help others and be helped when she needs it, like I was!


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oldgirl wrote: Thank you for sharing your very touching story dragonmyst77. I am pleased that you were eventualy able to confide in your mother and get out of that abusive relationship.

You are blessed that a good samaritan was there to fix your car and he understood your circumstances.

May your precious daughter never find herself in the same situation.

sethi wrote: Thank you for sharing and having the courage and inner strength to walk out of that relationship. I
A2Zmom4 wrote: Thank you for sharing; i think we all know someone or are that someone who's in an abusive relationship. I invite you to share one of my best friends' stories about rebuilding her life after leaving an abusive husband "facing forward: a life reclaimed". She has always inspired me to be a better person and excerpts from her book have made me extra thankful for all the blessings god has given me throughout my life! I've shared her story with another friend going through a divorce with doubts & fears of leaving her controlling husband. She's slowly, but steadily taking the steps necessary to move on. I'm grateful for anyone willing to share their success story to prove that you are worth something, you do deserve to be happy & safe, and you will heal with god's help & the support of your friends/family. Just ask for the help. Do not be ashamed. Have a wonderful day and possibly make plans to empower your daughter with some basic auto mechanic training (change a flat tire, check/change the oil, check tire pressure, how to look for 'danger' signs or mechanical issues, which auto shops are reputable, aaa is a must! Etc. ) .
Woodrose wrote: Thank you for sharing your moving story :)
Reading it brought tears to my eyes
Big hugs woodrose
Yon wrote: It really pays to give and bless someone :) thank you for sharing and i know kind works, words and thoughts will not be in vain. God bless you!
nirali wrote: That was courageous and brave. Wish you the best in your fuure
likita wrote: The ability to give is not dependent on how much you have. Thanks for confirming this notion.
CharlieB wrote: You were so fortunate to find someone who was willing to help; it gives one hope. I am glad you are paying it forward; i suspect there is someone out there who really needs your help. May your life be blessed!
Ollie wrote: Thank you for sharing such a beautiful act of kindness. Love and hugs.
Cory wrote: Hey,

This is a really beautiful story. I love that he didn't allow you to pay. It is nice to hear stories of such great compassion!

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