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Finding That Positive Note

--by madeusmile, posted May 15, 2011

My step-son is going through an extremely difficult time in his life and is battling many personal issues.  

He calls his father several times a day, often consumed by sadness and negativity, sometimes near his breaking point. Trying to be supportive and non-critical takes it's toll on us all, but we keep trying. 
This morning on our drive to work I asked my husband to try ending the telephone conversation with his son by simply saying, "Now, tell me something good about today".  
Some days that might be an easy thing to do, other days it may be nearly impossible. But even if the only thing he could can up with to say is, "You were there for me again today, Dad," that would at least give him something positive to focus on. 
Tonight, I heard my husband say to his son, "Okay, now let's end on a positive note. Tell me one good thing about your day".  
His son said, "Oh, okay, well ... today there were lots of good things." And he proceded to share a few positive moments in his day.
At least for today, for this conversation, it was a happy ending. And that is what his father and I will focus on for today! 
Try always ending on a positive note - and make a difference in your world!
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jsmc10 wrote: This is exactly what i try and do to help myself and hopefully other people. I keep a record of it on http://thingsthatihavelearnttoday. Blogspot. Co. Uk/ hope some of you can check it out, i find it really helps
peanut wrote: By telling him to be positive was the best advice you gave him & he sure found some positive things. Hope everything works out for the best.
oldgirl wrote: With your advice to your husband you have shown much love madeusmile.

Not only does your stepson think aboiut the good things that happened in his day but it also lessens the burden on your husband and yourself.

Here's hoping your stepson continues to feel the positivity in his life but that he continues to heal.
unknown wrote: beautiful mus :) let's inch by the day :) and we will soon see the checkerflag :) waving and inviting us ...
erinvictoria wrote: I hope your step son's life gets easier for him. Your advice to end conversations on a positive note was some of the best advice I've ever heard.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: We can find joy and happy thoughts in each day if we only look. Bless your husband for constantly making that a part of the conversations with his son! :)
smilingdaisy wrote: I feel that one positive moment can lead to more positive moments. By redirecting your stepson from his bad feelings and ending the day on a positive note you are encouraging him with love and kindness. You are your husband are wonderful parents!
Glowworm wrote: A joyful heart is good medicine! Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praise-worhty think on such things! You are right on with that advice you gave your husband. I pray your stepson starts looking for the good and starts feeling better soon. ~Glowworm

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