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Neighbourly Kindness Starts A Commitment To Kindness

--by thebigkind, posted Apr 28, 2011

A couple of months ago I was renting a house to work from. I was fairly well set up, but didn't own a lawn mower and after a week or two realised I would have to find some way to deal with the growing grass! Funds were short, and I was on a fairly tight budget which didn't extend to paying a lawnmowing company.

I was thinking about this one Sunday as the "Mr Whippy" ice cream van pulled up outside on the street. I hadn't had a Mr Whippy ice cream for years, and on impulse I grabbed my coin purse, shook it to gauge affordability, and headed outside. On the pavement were three young boys aged around 10 years playing. I think a couple of them may have been from next door, but I was new there and hadn't really met anyone yet.

It was a hot day and I asked them if they'd like an ice cream. "Yes, please," they replied enthusiastically. At that moment a fourth boy joined them from the neighboring house. Yes, please, he'd love one too!! As the universe would have it, there was just enough change to cover five ice creams. As I left the van, I heard the lady serving the boys say, "that was a really kind thing that lady did for you boys. Don't forget to thank her." I smiled as I went inside to carry on working.

I left for work that evening, and didn't return until the Tuesday morning. As I drove into the drive, I realised something was different.  Yes, my lawns had been mowed and my gardens had been weeded. I felt this enormous warmth rush into my heart and a smile stretch across my face. Instinctively, I knew my neighbors had done this for me, and went to thank them straight away.

How would they know that this act of kindness not only made a big difference to me, but it was also the catalyst for me to act further and set up a website focusing on kindness in our community which I am committed to developing this year. Thank you so much neighbors.

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moral12 wrote: Almost instant karma! Great story! :)
oldgirl wrote: How fantastic is that thebigkind. From a few ice creams to a group of young boys on a hot day comes a wonderful gesture and some great friendships being firmed i am sure.

Spoonerism wrote: Over 1000! :-) that's amazing. It's a lovely example of how something small like a few ice creams can turn into something bigger like a clean garden and then in turn to something bigger like a website and a community initiative! Ripple ripple ripple! :-)
thebigkind wrote: Thanks for all your lovely comments. Little did i know that a small thing like ice creams would lead to a website and a story over 1000 people have read!

So amazing.
Hutch wrote: What goes around comes around! You started a wonderful cycle of giving. Thanks for the inspiration!
BornToHelp13 wrote: That's a great surprise from your neighbors! It's like a one step from you to have a great and loving connection to them, you started the fire of kindness and i'm sure they're always gonna tend it with a loving heart! Just take care always and i hope you all the best wishes to your plan in your community. Thanks for that great story!

SaltWater9 wrote: Awesome story - i literally said, "wow" when i got the end. It was very generous of you to pay for their ice creams, and it's great that they, or at least their parents, understood that.
Subho wrote: Great story. Shows the power of kindness to others. It makes the world a better place
success wrote: Very, very, nice. Your story gave me the chills and made me feel all tingly. :)
charlieB wrote: Great story and how nice of you to start the ball rolling. You definitely are a great role model. Thanks!

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