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Helping A Friend Dance With The Stars

--by crosby2126, posted May 28, 2011

I wrote an earlier story about  a friend who was put on hospice care. I would visit her on Tuesday nights and we would talk and have some "girl time". I would do her hair on those visits. I couldn't heal her but for a night she felt beautiful! We would talk and laugh.  And after her hair was done on one of my last visits I put lipstick on her lips and some color on her cheeks. When I held up the mirror for her  to see how she looked she smiled at me and told me she was going to go dancing. I told her to be home before her family got up in the morning!

How nice to be at the end of your life and have a sweet dream of getting out of your wheel chair to dance!   When I went for my visit this week the dancing was over. She was weak and in bed. I stood by her and did her hair as I promised I would. Our "girl time"was different. It was Tuesday, she knew I was there. I struggled to keep myself together . I knew deep inside that  this was going to be the last time I could make her feel beautiful.

I didn't hold up a mirror for her to smile at her self  because when I finished her family was standing there. Their smile said it all,they knew it was the end. They were happy I made their Mom  look like "Mom" again. I cried as I left because I knew that I would not see her on this earth again. She passed away today and as sad as I am I know she no longer is dreaming about dancing, she is dancing ...with all the stars in the sky...

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princessliz wrote: You're a good friend, even to the very last moment. It was hard to keep it together like you said, but you are strong just by doing this. We are blessed by the kindness in your heart, and what ever inspired you to do so.
★ ☆ You are a Kindness Trooper ★ ☆
sysgram wrote: What a wonderful thing, to help a friend maintain her dignity until the end. I can only imagine how thankful she was.
kfon2 wrote: Thank you for sharing this story.

But even more , thank you for being such a loving , caring person.

God bless
Karen wrote: This story is very touching. My heart goes out to those who are unable to do things a normal person can do.

I thank god for you are a very special person god sent to lighten up your friends day before she left this earth to be with the stars above. God bless you. Karen konjib (papua new guinea)
joy wrote: Wow, what a beautiful and touching story. Many blessings to you and thanks for sharing.
Oumu wrote: Thank you for your kindness this story is really touching it make people to appreciate the little things you do. Your intercation with your friend was something she look forward to it bring joy to her inspite off all the odd. I wish you peace and joy.
Dee wrote: I imagine you struggled to "hold yourself together" that last time, but what an amazing gift you gave your friend. Many hugs back to you.
Reneda wrote: What a beautiful gift for you and her. How lucky you both were to have such special people in your lives!
sethi wrote: It was beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful person you are. God bless.
Bharani wrote: Thank you for your kindness and sharing it with us.

God bless you!

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