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Daffodils and sweets to brighten someone's day...

--by TS, posted Mar 9, 2006
Recently, I was thinking about how the porters in our building here in London have been doing a great job servicing the residents. In particular, there is one porter who manages to brighten up my day every time I come and go from our building and puts a smile on everyone's faces who comes by. He's always cheerful and very helpful and seems to be full of life.

I thought it would be nice to thank him for his kindness. So, I decided to put together a small bundle of daffodils and a box of sweets, each with a smile card attached. The plan was to leave it at the front desk anonymously, along with a "Thank You" card.

When I got down there, he was at the desk, so the anonymous game was over. But, I decided maybe that's the way it was meant to be, and I handed him the sweets, the flowers, and the card and thanked him for everything he does on a daily basis. He was definitely taken by surprise and couldn't get over the fact that someone would do this for him. It felt so wonderful to brighten someone else's day, who never fails to brighten mine
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jsmc10 wrote: Aww, so wonderful :)
princessliz wrote: Thanks for brightening his day also! :)
as wrote: people should learn to do more simple things like you instead ofgetting a cheap thoughtless gift or even worse, no gift at all thankyou for all that you do! :)
Pervaiz wrote: My motois love and peace in the world

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