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A Little Bit of Gardening Goes A Long Way

--by Jacinda, posted May 30, 2011

During the holidays I went to stay with one of my sister's friends and I had so much energy that I didn't know what to do with it. Being a student flat I noticed that her backyard had grown high with weeds. So while they both were watching a movie I decided to get hard onto work. I pulled weed after weed out. It was actually a lot of fun.  When they called me in for dinner I didn't want to go because I was having too much fun. It's a cool feeling seeing a backyard so full of weeds everywhere disappear one by one.  I then raked the backyard and wow a couple of hours later the yard looked completely changed. At that stage I didn't know this, but the next day the other two flatmates saw all that I had done and apparently I motivated/inspired them to get out in there back yard the next day to continue the good work. The following day both the other flatmates had the weed eater and lawnmover out and were hard at work continuing what I started off.

As this shows, you never know how one small act of kindness could spiral off, and what you started could develop into something way better.

Wow! By the end of the next day I can tell you their backyard was amazing!!! They said that it had never been that clean before. They now even have plans that they will plant sunflowers down there back fence and a vege garden to the side.

How awesome is that?!



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Readers Comments

LeeFae wrote: Wow, what a gorgeous thing to do! I love how it inspired the rest of them too. Sometimes all we need is just one seed of lving energy (in this case provided by YOUR beautiful self) and so much can get accomplished!!
madeusmile wrote: Therapy in gardening! One of my favorite hobbies! I hope they continue it for a lifetime.
unknown wrote: Thanks for the first step Jacinda ... People often need the first step to take ... then the crowd follows ... Wonderful, now its party time for all of you ... :)
Bluebell wrote: Fantastic job. Would you like to visit my garden :-) it's not very big but it has been 1ÂșC so gardening is not exactly my piece of cake at the moment. I could use the help of a garden fairy. Love and Light, Bluebell
aurelia wrote: I love your energy...thanks for passing it on to others. I'm sure you will be invited over to enjoy their new backyard soon :)
I'm smiling thinking of you getting into it, pulling weeds and seeing the transformation. :) ~~Aurelia
unknown wrote: what a beautiful gift you gave them! I love to garden too, and when others ask me what is so fun about pulling weeds, I tell them that it is my way of giving back to my a thank you for the beautiful world I get to live in. I love to make order out of chaos, and it sounds like you do too! And even better, you inspired the others to finish up the job...a double blessing. Good job, Jacinda!

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