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Cookies And Tea With An Extra Helping of Kindness

--by unknown, posted Jun 10, 2011


I had just finished my shopping and was crossing the busy street when I saw an elderly man walking in my direction. He was leaning on a walking frame and I felt that he might need a little assistance crossing the street. So, I walked up to him and volunteered my help. 
It seemed that my hunch was right. He wasn't aiming for the proper crossing place, he was keen on crossing the street from where he was to get to the bus stop on the other side.
I stepped out and waved my hand for the drivers to take notice of the man and slow down a little.
He got safely to the other side. But, somehow, I felt I could do more than just help him cross the street. So, I reassured him he was at the right stop, then I ran back across the road to get him some tea and cookies !
When I returned he told me he had waited for me - and missed his bus! I felt bad about that, so I waited with him until the next bus came.
I helped him onto the bus with his tea and the bus driver was kind enough to wait until the gentleman was securely seated. Then the bus moved off with a smile and wave from the driver. 
It took just a little cash and and a little time to help the man, but seeing him safely off to his destination left a light feeling in my soul. God bless him!


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Readers Comments

moral12 wrote: That was very nice of you, a generous gesture. Thanks for sharing.
Sajha wrote: Thanks for caring for one of our precious elders.
Glowworm wrote: Kindness in motion :) Thanks for sharing your generous deed with us. God bless you and that elderly gentleman. ~Glowworm
FairyBubbles wrote: That was a really lovely thing to do.
aurelia wrote: The feelings we get, when we can think of nice things to do and follow our hearts, are the best. I am sure you felt Great!!! and that gentleman had a nice story to tell because of you!!!

:)Smiles are Contagious :0) ~Aurelia
unknown wrote: the kindness you showed him was more key to his soul than getting where he was headed, because he waited for you and missed the bus. Kindness really is the food of the soul, and nourishes both giver and receiver.
Febrihana wrote: Thank you for sharing..
that's a nice.. ^^
1golddragonfly wrote: That was really sweet. It is interesting that he waited you to return with the tea and cookies, even missing his bus. He could have just gone on his way. I think you made a very bright spot in his day.

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