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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

--by Anon. Police Officer, posted Jun 22, 2006
I am a Police Officer. I went to a woman's home to take a report of damage to her fence. She thought neighborhood kids had torn it down. I found out her husband built the fence 30 years ago, and all the paint in the world couldn't stop it from rotting. She had paid a fence company a deposit, but could not afford the balance, over $140. She is 89 years old, and on a fixed income.

I went to the fence company the next day and paid the balance. They readily took the payment, but told me I was nuts. I told them her husband built the fence, he had died, and the fence meant a lot to her. After hearing her story, they did a great job putting it up.

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KISHORE wrote: in our country the Police Men remove the fence in the society. you are really kind.
Kat wrote: That was really sweet...keep up the good work!

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