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Being Able to Rely on my Community

--by AnnieJ, posted Jun 20, 2011

My mother's coworker relayed a story to us.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances she was left in the snow, far away from her cabin and friends during a trip to the mountains.  She was lucky because a man on his snow plow at 2 AM (!) found her and took her to the hospital.

The hospital first pronounced her dead (she had been in the snow for quite a few hours), but miraculously, they were able to revive her. She's been in the hospital since. When she awoke from her coma, the doctor couldn't assure her sister that she would be entirely the same person as before (e.g. personality), but it seems like her sister will be okay and back to normal soon!

My mother's coworker was short on money, and she's in a pinch since she needs to pay for her sister's hospital fees. She came by today to ask if my mom could lend her a few hundred dollars, since her employer didn't give her enough of an advance (of her salary) in spite of knowing her situation.

My mother was able to pull together $500 to give her. I'm only a college student, and I haven't got too much money of my own, but I thought on a whim, "Well, what could I do to help?" I was able to gather together $100 from my own money and pass it along to her. She was really surprised, but also extremely grateful, and I felt happy that I could help ease someone else's burden in a time of need.

It may not be a huge act of kindness, but I felt great that I could be there to support someone - emotionally and financially. :)

It reminded me of the fact that I can always reach out to people in my own community!

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Readers Comments

moral12 wrote: That was a wonderful gesture, for you and your mother to help this lady and her sister. I'm sure it was much appreciated.
BoxOfKindess wrote: "no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" ~ aesop

Your simple donation $100 dollars will mean so much to her. We can not always expect to change the entire world with our kindness but with each little helping hand we give to others, we are one step closer!
annjav wrote: You both did a very kind and generous thing. It is very frightening to have big debts and no way to pay.
unknown wrote: If you look from her angle, my friend, every cent would count to save her loved one ... So, what you did will be remembered for all her life ... or atleast let's put it this way ... might help her appreciate her life for a long long time to come ... Thanks for pitching in, both of you ... God bless, (-: :-) Deeper ...
Bluebell wrote: I think it was a huge act of kindness, and I am pleased that you followed your heart. A big thank you to your mum and to you for reaching out for a friend in need. Love and Light and Endless Blessings, Bluebell
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: I agree it was a great act of kindness. Love and compassion can often be the greatest gift we give!
innerjourney wrote: if we come from a place of kindness the we always have a chance to contribute to the common good. Thank you for doing that. Love and smiles, Manish :)

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