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The Bridge We Were Meant To Cross

--by donothing, posted Jan 12, 2022
 My brother and I were driving home together and became engrossed in a conversation. Because of this distraction, my brother took a wrong turn.
Unfortunately, the wrong turn took us towards a bridge and we had no way to turn back. Grudgingly, my brother paid the bridge toll and drove on. He was clearly frustrated by the mistake and the needless waste of $4.
We eventually reached an exit slip-way and, as we took it, my brother noticed a beat-up black Mustang pulled over to the side of the road. A young guy was standing nearby trying to phone someone. I was busy trying to figure out which way we went next but my brother pulled over and asked the guy if he needed any help. And he did. He had a flat tire and needed a wrench to get it off.

My brother gave him a wrench, then proceed to help him change the flat. We started getting to know the young man who was from a rough neighborhood nearby. He said that this has been a bad week for him; earlier he had gotten into a minor car accident, and now this flat on his way home from work. But he called us, "A breath of fresh air," and kept thanking us because he really would have been stuck if we hadn't come along. After we had finished the job he thanked us again and pulled out $20 and tried to give it to us. "No," I said. "We were never supposed to even get on that bridge, we took a wrong turn. But now we know why we did. It was to help you. Thank you for turning our mistake into an opportunity to serve." 
What I loved most was watching my brother throughout this process. He was able to turn his agitation for the mistake into positive energy. He was able to see a chance to help (which I totally missed!) even in an otherwise negative situation, which can only come from a calm mind and an open heart.

Originally posted on 8.30.2018
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Aakansha wrote: Thank you for sharing this lovely story!
DotMatrix wrote: A bridge to kindness. Thank you so much for sharing this story. ♥
Rohit Gohil wrote: This is a heartwarming account of a detour that opened up an opportunity to be kind hearted and to help an unknown person in distress. I agree with many of the comments already made - "things happening for a reason", "it is part of god's plan" and that "our hearts need to be open" to welcome the chance to serve selflessly. Sometimes, we do not have to go far as there are such opportunities to help others within our own household (the young or aged), or amongst our group of friends, or in our local community groups, or outside the supermarket that we visit every week. Small gestures of kindness can often make a big difference in the life of another, but also move us towards becoming "one" with them - "me to we".
Pat Hardy wrote: Good deeds are not always about money, but giving and receiving are sometimes what it is all about. I remember years ago sitting in a church with my friend, pat cardellio. Directly in front of us was a mother and her young daughter. As the mother sang some of the traditional musical responses, i thought her voice was beautiful. Suddenly, i had a thought, "give her some money. " i happened to have a $20 bill in my purse, so i tapped her on the shoulder as we were about to leave and handed her the folded bill. She looked at me with a lovely smile and mouthed, "thank you. " when i told pat about that moment, she told me of her own experience: "that's so strange! I had the same feeling, but i only had a $5 bill. " we agreed, it was a message from the holy spirit, and if i had seen pat give her something, i wouldn't have followed my instincts. There are times people need money and times we should heed a feeling that says, "do something. " similar moments have occurred many times in my life. They are not accidental.
Kristin Pedemonti wrote: Oh what happens when we cross bridges whether intended or unintended. ♡
kathy wrote: Everything happens for a reason! It is all a part of gods plan. I can't wait to see what happens next in my life! Kudos to you jesus!
kathy wrote: Everything happens for a reason! It is all a part of gods plan. I can't wait to see what happens next in my life! Kudos to you jesus!
FARnanny wrote: Wow! Serendipity indeed. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story.
Rajni wrote: There are no mistakes in life. They are our teachers. There is always an opportunity hidden in adversity if we have open heart to notice it. Your selfless service is commendable. Taking money makes it a business. You and your brother did a wonderful job.
princessliz wrote: Each are placed specifically to help another in this fallen world. Lets hope that our minds are welcoming of the experience.

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