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Leading The Blind

--by AURELIA, posted Jul 24, 2011


I work in a major department store as a cashier. My area has four cash registers grouped in a square and I am not supposed to leave the immediate area unless it is to straighten clothing on the tables right next to my work station.
Yesterday, I was the only one working on the registers. I was straightening clothes up when these two ladies approached me. One had a walking frame with wheels and the other was holding her arm. When they got close to me, I could see that the lady with the walker was totally blind. 
They asked me how to get back to the Mall from my store. I pointed and said, "Just go that way." 
The next thing I knew they were headed in a totally wrong direction. I called to them and said, "Hello, you are going the wrong way!" They turned around and came back towards me. As they did they bumped into the ropes that were set up for check-out queues. One of them admitted that her friend was blind and she couldn't see too good either. 
I looked at the path they were going to take to get into the Mall and I said to myself, 'No way! They will never find their way out without banging into displays and hurting themselves.'
I knew I wasn't suppose to leave my area - but this was more important. I asked, "How would you like me to lead you to the Mall entry?" 
They were so appreciative! 
I held the walker and gently guided it, telling them what direction we were heading so they had a feel for it. They were so happy when they finally made it to the Mall! They thanked me and said that it would have been extremely difficult for them to find the way by themselves.
When I got back to my Register, another employee had taken over for me and I thanked her for helping out. 
I am glad I didn't get in trouble. Nobody knew I was gone. PHEW!


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Box of Kindness wrote: You definitely did the right thing. If your employee did punish you for it then they would be in the wrong. I'm sure the blind individual really appreciated your act of kindness.
RMB333 wrote: Beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing. Untold blessings will follow you, aurellia!
chiflatiron wrote: Thank you from your share~
Bluebell wrote: I am sure you had an Angel looking after you back :-) Thank you for your endless kindness. Love and Light, Bluebell
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Bless you for taking the time to be kind, even if it might have made things a little tougher for you. I love how kindness is so important to you. You are MY kindness guru! :)
Glowworm wrote: That was the right thing to do. I'm so glad you didn't get into trouble! I think there's exceptions to rules like that.

God bless you for your kindness. -G.

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