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High Five Nottingham

--by dr.harvey, posted Jul 28, 2011

A friend and I decided that the city of Nottingham, England, needed some cheering up. So, we hit the streets armed only with a camera, a high-five t-shirt we made that morning, smiles and plenty of enthusiasm.

We spent all day High fiving the general public and put smiles on a lot of people faces!

check it out here :)

enjoy! <3

high five!

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YV wrote: This is so great. Love it! It makes me think i should do something like that downtown, here in cleveland! Thanks for the smile!
Glowworm wrote: What a lovely idea! I loved the lady at the end. She was getting into it! :D

God bless,
Bluebell wrote: Don't really get why would people refuse a high 5 to 2 gorgeous young man lol. You did a fantastic job, thank you for spreading the Light in Nottingham, it looks like the city needs you positive energy. Keep on the fantastic work and thank you for being part of this fantastic community of people that are changing the world 1 high five at a time. Love and Light and Millions of Smiles, Bluebell
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is awesome! I love all the smiles you got from those who shared a high five with you. Keep up the great work! :)
dr.harvey wrote: Thanks for all of the lovely comments!
Be sure to share the video with your friends <3
unknown wrote: So sweet ! I loved it all ! I gonna post this at my linkedin and facebook ! Infact gifted your video to my colleague who hi-fives me all the time ;) Deeper ...
dr.harvey wrote: Thanks ever so much Deeper :)
It really means alot to me and you just made me smile! :D

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