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The Power Of Being Kind

--by Maik, posted Sep 18, 2011

Hello, my Name is Maik and I am 37 Years old. I am new on this Page and I'd like to share one experience I made a few days ago which teached me the power of being kind. 

About 15 Years ago I was studying at a University in Münster, Germany. The people I spent most my time was a group of friends. we were about 10 people. Sometimes we went out together for parties, but most of the time we did our own parties back at someones home. First we sat and talked and at some point during the night we put away the chairs and tables and started dancing. It may not sound that special when I write about it, but what was special to me was the support we shared for each other. For example, when someone had to move from one flat to the other, these friends were there. In the eyes you saw support, you saw laughter, making jokes, teasing and laughing about strength and weak points from each other, but alway there was this feeling no one is better or worse. you felt there was always a shoulder you could lean on. 

 Time passed by and we all went our own ways, followed our own goals. I made my way passing Ireland and India for several years so far. Now just a few days ago I met one of my old friends again. We sat and talked and after 15 years we shared our memories again from that time. One my way back home from our meeting it made me think. The last weeks and month were full of problems for me and my thoughts and feelings were just circling around them. Now I came back from this meeting and the memory we shared were like a crystal ball. All my negative feelings from the last days couldn't touch what was inside this ball. It was more the opposite. These memories spread like a virus through my thoughts and feelings and left me save and warm and happy in my consciousness.

In this moment I understood the value of helping and supporting each other in a different way. It didn't really matter what goal we had all together, but the respect and love and joy we shared with each other created an experience and memory that stays forever. It can not be destroyed by negative feelings. No, even better, it can wipe out your bad mood and give you support.

You know, when I was in India I met a wise man who said: "If you meet a person who is really starving for food and with an open heart you give it to him, the Thanks that come back from that starving person to you is an unbelievable blessing to your soul. These blessings are the only things you can take with you once you leave your body. 

 In a little different way I experienced and I understood his words now. There is more to helping each other, it's not just a good act. You create an Island within your consciousness that can't be attacked by negative feelings, because it is created by Love you gave and Love you received. These feelings that come back reflecting to you is the power that can help you on your way in this crazy world. This is were we grow.

Love & Power


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Marie wrote: Dear maik,
In sharing your story , you have helped me to feel better. Thank you so much!

Most sincerely
jason wrote: Is so good
Bluebellgirl wrote: P.S: Ive started to realize that lately, that its those kinds of things that stick with you forever. Bright Blessings, Maik :)
flowerpower wrote: *tears* :') so beautiful, this is how we grow, thanx for reminding me.
flowerpower wrote: *tears* so beautiful. :') thank you for reminding us <3 welcome.
sethi wrote: Thank you for sharing and for being who you are. Blessings.
Cathleen wrote: I was looking for inspiration today and you've helped me find it! Thanks!
Joy wrote: Love, sharing and caring is so powerful. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you.
heartofflesh wrote: Love is your the moment you give it away......

Thank you for sharing Maik.
From Chennai with love !
madeusmile wrote: Reaching out to one another is what makes friendship so special. It's good to surround yourself with people who don't judge...but are always there for you. I'm glad that you were reminded of this special gift of friendship.

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