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Smiling in College!

--by Centre16, posted Sep 18, 2011

As an upperclassman at a small, private college, I have been blessed with the support of many friends and family throughout the years. Additionally, I have fallen in love with the school I am at and continually remind myself the opportunities I am afforded here. Nerveless, when you head to college, it is still not home. Making cards, packages, and small notes has been the highlight of my days!

After my freshman year of college, the number of packages I recieved greatly decreased. Recently, I had not received mail in a few weeks and was blessed to find a wonderful “Smile” card and piece of candy in my mailbox!

What a fantastic surprise; my spirits were lifted. I decided to pas on the Smile card to one of my international residents (I am a RA on a first-year women’s hall).  It was so nice to share!  

What a wonderful gift I was given and able to give. Thank you!
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erinvictoria wrote: You just reminded me that even though my eldest son acts like a "big shot" now that he's in college, he might need me more than he let's me know. Thanks for the reminder. I'm going to send him a package this Friday. He's coming home for the weekend, but when he get's back to school there will be a package for him. I needed that reminder, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
madeusmile wrote: Friends are the next best thing to family! Smile on!
Sydney wrote: How fun to get an annoymous gift like that out of the blue. Just the perfect thing to make you smile!
unknown wrote: What goes around comes around :)
trueblue wrote: People are amazing when the heart is open and can bring smiles to faces who need them....keep spreading the love :)

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