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Giving To A Community Who Have Lost So Much.

--by melissa1, posted Sep 19, 2011

A very rare and vicious storm unleashed it's wrath on a small community called Grantham in Queensland, Australia - just west of Brisbane.  No-one was warned, no-one was prepared...

The storm was described as an inland tsunami as a 20 metre wall of water tore through the entire town, taking with it whole houses, businesses, cars, livestock and people.  Many people lost not just all of their possessions but family and friends too.

Our small community here in Rainworth, Brisbane who have also experienced local flooding but not as severe are banding together to buy school supplies and swimming gear so that the children of Grantham can start school, and hopefully experience a normal routine again, something very important for their emotional well being while their families are coming to terms with their shocking losses.  I am overwhelmed with tears thinking that our donations will bring some light to the eyes of others who are only seeing darkness at this stage of their lives.

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moral12 wrote: Melissa, we will keep you in our thoughts. Bless you for trying to help.
Bluebell wrote: Thank you for your loving kindness and may your community returns to normality as soon as possible. Love, light and endless blessings from the uk, bluebell
heartofflesh wrote: Any small help will be welcome.Do your very best to your fellow travellers in the journey of life...

May God guide you in all that you do ...
From India with love!

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