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Battery Free Chickens

--by twinkle, posted Oct 13, 2011


On Sunday I collected my three rescued ex-battery hens.  
They are beautiful, noble, little creatures who have really suffered in horrible conditions.  
At first they just huddled together. They had never seen grass or the sun before. But they are adapting to their new life really well. They make such a lovely cooing sound (except when they lay eggs - then they can be quite loud!)  
Their combs are flaccid and pale right now but one of them - Henrietta - has already started to show signs of her comb turning pink and standing up.
They are all so sweet and gentle. I love them already.


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Aurelia wrote: Leave it to you Twink to come to the Rescue!!!! You and the hens will be friends for a long time to come! Enjoy getting to know them!
Bluxess wrote: Thank you for rescuing our voiceless kith and kin. I am sure all will discover their new lives ... May God bless you, Bluxess.
trueblue wrote: Thanks for saving the girls.. they will think the have died and gone to heaven.. you have changed their lives and i think that is wonderful.. :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Bless you for your kindness to all creatures twinkle! :)

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