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Just to BE

--by Beth, posted Jun 26, 2006
Once, many years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and was scheduled for a mastectomy. That morning I attended a college class in which the husband of a good friend was also a student. Most mornings we said hello to one another and that was about it - he would sit with his guy friends, and I usually sat alone. When he entered class that morning, he came and sat next to me. He never mentioned my mom, never talked about the situation at all...he just sat next to me and chatted a bit. That was the day I learned that sometimes the kindest act is just to BE there...and I always remember this as one of the most touching acts of kindness I've ever received.
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Kat wrote: That really is mom had breast cancer too, and there were a lot of people that wanted me to talk, wanted me to tell them what I wanted...but the one person that made a difference was the one who just came up and put her arms around me and just set there...we didn't even talk...but knowing she was there made all the difference. They say that laughter is the best medicine, but I think that hugs are right up there! I hope your mom is doing ok! Good luck!

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