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A Small Gesture Meant a Great Deal

--by amer, posted Oct 31, 2011

This is just a short story but it really brought home to me how very small acts of kindness and even courtesy have bigger effects than we realise.

I have a bad back which flares up from time to time. Yesterday I was out walking while carrying shopping bags and my keys. My keys slipped from my hand and fell to the ground. The problem was that because of my back I couldn't bend down to get them. I was just thinking of how to get around this when two teenage girls came up beside me.  Without even speaking to me, one of the girls just reached down, picked up my keys, handed them to me and went on her way.

While it was a small gesture and she couldn't have known that I was in too much pain to bend down, it meant a great deal to me at that moment.


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Mottsie wrote: Reading this reminds me that we should all pay a little more attention to what is going on around us and recognize others in need. Thank goodness you were so observant and able to help. God bless!
everyoneseven wrote: Thanks for sharing!
harjie wrote: The universe is always watching out for each of us! If you focus on the abundance this universe has to offer, you will be taken care of before you even realize you need help! Happy holidays =) thanks for sharing your story!
Jos wrote: Each morning let us vow to help someone this day and let us do it everyday.
Bluebell wrote: Thank you for sharing such a beautiful act of kindness. Love and light and endless blessings, bluebell
bookworm58 wrote: The small gestures mean a lot to me too. Its a blessing when someone helps out. I do this often in my daily life and enjoy seeing the smiles on peoples faces cause i know it means a lot to them
HappyDae wrote: Sitting here with tears. As i read all of your responses to amer. The happyknitter had a beautiful story of compassion herself. Love to each of you and may peace be yours, happydae
whitby98 wrote: Even little gestures like this connect all of us together. It's like planting seeds of kindess and you never know where they will bloom.
TheHappyKnitter wrote: On one of the coldest nights of the year, i was in kmart shopping for a few things. I noticed an elderly woman walking around looking lost and perplexed. Later, when i went outside to load my groceries, i saw her walking the parking lot. I walked up to her and asked if she needed help. Turns out she had locked her keys in her truck. And all she was wearing was a nylon vest, no coat, no hat, no gloves.

I asked her if she'd like to sit in my truck and get warm, while we figured out what to do.

She was very hesitant at first, but she did. When she got into my truck i could tell she was ill. She had just lost her husband a few months ago.

The heroes though, in this story, are the firemen. Nothing was more heartening to see than a huge, red firetruck, all bright and shiny. Even in that dark night it gleamed. And it was full of a young men, all in uniform, polite, and caring. Within a minute or less they had her truck unlocked, her keys retrieved and offered to assist her further.

I stayed with her until they said she was all squared away and they'd take it from there. I hugged her goodnight and wished her the best.
peanut wrote: You did not even have to ask them & they treated you with kindness. Good story.

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