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Not Just Students, Staffers Too!

--by Mirka in North Caroline, posted Jan 14, 2006
I got back from my trackout and found a packet with additional cards waiting on my desk. Thank you very much on behalf of Lufkin students and staff. We really appreciate your beautiful, simple design and the idea behind it. In return, I am sending you some of our responses to the first few cards we gave out in May. Both are from staff members:

Last week I received a beautiful frame with the statement, "A teacher's guidance helps a child to lean and grow," with a handwritten note thanking me for being a great co-worker. What a wonderful surprise and heartwarming, especially for an emotional week. How uplifting! I passed it on this week to one always wearing a smile.

I was pleasantly surprised in the middle of a busy day to find a beautiful gift basket at my desk. It contained a wonderful bottle of scented oil complete with bamboo sticks to absorb and spread the scent. My bathroom smells great. In return I tagged someone else with a gift. I hope it brightened their day as much as my gift brightened mine!

We are still waiting for responses from students, but you can see that our staff members who have been tagged respond very positively. Hope that knowing that you are making a difference in a school on the eastern coast is heartwarming for you, too, in sunny California.
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  • Posted by Mirka in North Caroline
  • Jan 14, 2006
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