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A Tail Waggin Way Of A Blessing

--by justinbieber, posted Dec 3, 2011

Last week, I was out getting the mail and noticed a dog crossing the street that looked oddly familiar. I went near the dog to see if it had a tag or if I recognized it to see if I could find the owner.

When I got close to the dog, I realized that it was the same dog that my neighbors had lost 4 years ago.

A few months ago, these neighbors moved out of my neighborhood, but that was not going to stop me finding them!

I remebered they moved to Minnesota. I spent the rest of the day searching all of the people with their last name in the Minnesota area.  Finally when I was starting to give up hope, I called the last number.  I couldn't' believe it, it was them!  

I told them of how I found their dog that went missing 4 years ago.  They thought it was too good to come true.  They immediately flew down to Florida to re-unite with their dog, and were absolutely shocked.

They told me God has answered their prayers and offered me a fairly large reward.  Even though I really needed the money. I said no.  

Seeing the happy faces of them with their dog was as rewarding as it could get.!

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tannaz wrote: Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
HappyDae wrote: Wow! What a wonderful story. First of all, it was so good of you to check to see if the dog was a stray. I feel that you are one who would have found it a good forever home had that been the case, but to recognize a neighbor's pet of 4 years ago is amazing and your dedication in finding the owners. Exceptional! I dearly love dogs and have helped many over the years. So your story truly touches my heart. Love and peace, happydae'
AnnieJ wrote: Wow! That's amazing! You are so great for having refused the money - but your act of kindness and compassion speaks volumes more about your character! Bless you!
Lisa wrote: This is avery heartwarming story. You have a wonderful heart. Hugs.
KidsCoach wrote: You are an earth angel for fur pals! What you provided for that family was priceless. Hoping karma knocks on your door soon and says, "hey, i'm here to help you out! " great story. :)
Aung wrote: Now that was a wonderful story. Don't worry your blessings will come again twice-fold.
bilkis yusuf wrote: What a wonderful reunion, one's pets are like family, god bless you for making the effort to reunite them, thanks for sharing
Nancy wrote: This was so sweet. I am so happy for the family and the dog, that they are together again.
Sylvan wrote: I smile warmly to think of being in any of your positions! Thanks for all your actions of caring and for the sharing.
Jana wrote: What an incredible story! It is so heartwarming to see that you went above and beyond to find his family for him. Imagine the happiness the dog felt, as well. I'm so proud of you. Great job!

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