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... But, Officer!

--by SueSue, posted Dec 27, 2011

It was like something out of a movie!

I was driving along the road with a police car chasing after me. He had the lights flashing and the siren wailing! I pulled over.
This big burly cop got out the car. So did I. He walked up to me - and hugged me, all teary eyed!
Just a few minutes before I had paid £3.58 for his meal at a drive-through. He told me, "This is the first time in twenty-three years that this happened to me! I can't wait to tell the guys at the station!"  
Just an awesome experience! 


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josietn wrote: Awesome! :)
KidsCoach wrote: What a great story! Too often, people are mad at our officers for pulling them over, for doing their job, or for not being there fast enough when needed. What a wonderful gesture of kindness you showed. Now, did you get his name and badge number in case you need a "kindness" favor in the future? :)
princessliz wrote: Wow, thats awesome! And dramatic, lol
Glowworm wrote: That is wonderful! Way to show some love :D

Thanks for sharing; you put a huge smile on my face.
moral12 wrote: That was such a nice gesture. I think that people often forget how difficult (and, at times, thankless), a peace officer's job is. Very, very sweet of you to do this for him. And, even better, that he was surprised and thanked you back! You rock!
Bluxess wrote: So cute, I have never heard of such active enthusiasm to thank you, the source of his joy ... Really so cute ... With less than USD 4, we can make such genuine moments in people's life ... That's what I love about kindness ... Thank you for being you, have a blessed weekend, Bluxess.
trueblue wrote: thank you for making me smile..
I love this story :)
RMB333 wrote: Great! .. many smiles on my face! Thank you and Bless you!
unknown wrote: that would have scared 10 years off my life, I think! but how sweet that he wanted SO badly to thank you.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your story for us all to smile and enjoy! :)

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