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Tea To Warm The Heart

--by Jacinda, posted Dec 27, 2011


Today I wasn't feeling the best. So, I decided to clear out the drawer where I kept all my craft materials. 
When I was lifting the paper, cards and envelopes out onto my desk I noticed that, somehow, a sachet of tea had found its way into the drawer! 
The label on the sachet read, "Pukka love. Organic rose, chamomile and lavender tea - to warm your heart!" It had been given to me by a kind soul from HelpOthers a while back and somehow it had found it's way into my craft drawer.
It brought a smile when I needed it most. It's like God knew I needed a little boost and that sachet of tea appeared at the perfect time!
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heartofflesh wrote: So it was uplifting to drink the cup of tea which was given to you with love.
God knows exactly when you need a boost !
Thanks for sharing!
Bluebell wrote: I always knew that tea was magic. I believe it also has fairy dust ... I think that nothing compares to a message of the Universe when we most need one because the Universe's creativity is just out of this world lol. May that magical tea brings back to you all the Love and all the Joy that you so much deserve. Love and Light and Endless Blessings, Bluebell
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is great! I love finding things from the past. They always bring back smiles. That is why I try to never forget that the kind acts often live on far longer than we expect.

May you have many smiles Jacinda! :)

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