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A Festive Welcome for a Grieving Friend

--by malli, posted Dec 29, 2011

Reena, one of my colleagues, was very sad. She was worrying about her personal problems.  Her husband had recently passed away. She was suffering both emotionally and financially. She looked as if she has forgotten how to smile. She could not focus on her work. She did not even come for the tea break. As she had not eaten properly for several days, she fell unconscious in office. She was admitted in the hospital.

After a few days, she recovered and returned to the office. Another colleague, Charmi, had an idea of welcoming Reena back to cheer her up. So we prepared a handmade welcome card. Everybody wrote some beautiful positive quotation and signed it. Somebody drew nice cartoons on it. Someone watercolored it and pasted some glittering particles on it. Someone else made 2 paper butterflies and pasted them on the card. It was cool.

When Reena entered into her cabin, Priyanka sang a beautiful song and gave her a pink rose.  All the others gathered there and gave her the big welcome card. Reena was so happy! Especially on seeing the paper butterflies, she was excited. They were her favourite colors. She smiled bright. She learnt how to make them from Vasanti.

Two weeks after that, Reena pinned her "thank you" card on the message board with more than 50 multi-coloured butterflies of different sizes around the card! And also, she made some paper roses, cranes and bells. Her paper handicrafts were amazing. Everybody praised her work. She had spent the evening time of  her past two weeks doing nice handicrafts. And her face was glowing and filled with satisfaction from her creativity and joy. Her problems did not vanish. But her attitude changed. She was better than before.

From then she was the first person invited to offer decoration tips for office parties and meetings.

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Readers Comments

malli wrote: Now Reena is very much recovered. She attended some counselling sessions in the nearby church which was arranged by one of our colleagues. She spend her evening times in helping the nearby kids to do their school assignments for which she is being paid. She looks clear and happy now!!
Aurelia wrote: Thank you for sharing this uplifting story. Isn't it something how a little attention can make a difference in our lives. It was really nice that all contributed to the card and she found something to do that made her happy and also earned money! :) ~Aurelia
Bluxess wrote: When the door refuses to budge, Reena chose to see through the window ... All of you became her butterflies ... with whom she could transform herself back to her state of nativity, 'happiness' ... Thanks for helping her make the shift ... Immense blessings, Bluxess.
Bluebell wrote: Thank you for being there for your friend and help her find the zest of life. Butterflies are one of the most magnificent beings on Earth and they teach us a beautiful lesson that even the most unlikely coccoon will give birth to a magnificent butterfly. Love and Light and Endless Blessings for you for your friend and for all those involved in the miracle of unconditional Love. Bluebell
Bluebellgirl wrote: Happiness is also like a butterfly.dont spend time chasing it when in the end it will land on ur shoulder ;) I believe that encouragment and positive , kind words are very important in life, especially when trying to cheer up the ones you care about. Encouragment, sincerity, and especially enthusiasm are a great combination, as i try to use these virtues in my daily life myself. Keep on shining dear, and my you be blessed and filled with humility for helping out a friend in need. <3 (hugs).
Bright Blessings <3
RMB333 wrote: Your Office Team is WONDERFUL! Untold Blessings will follow, for making Reena SMILE! Thank you for sharing such a lovely post.
alice wrote: it¡¯s good
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a heartwarming story! It is great when people take the time to care. I am sure in her challenging situation it meant so much more than anyone knows! Thanks for sharing! :)

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