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An Unexpected Ice-Cream Treat for a Veteran

--by LL5294, posted Jun 17, 2012

My husband went to the hospital the other day to visit a fellow VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) member who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. He has just recently joined the VFW and tries to help any chance he gets.

The gentleman he was going to visit had commented on a previous visit that the fish the hospital served wasn't good. So, my husband decided he would stop by Culvers on his way and pick up a fish dinner and a shrimp dinner for his friend and his friend's wife. While he was at the store he asked for a few plates to go with the meal, explaining why they might be needed. The Culvers employees he was talking to told my him to go to the ice cream freezer and pick out his favorite flavors to take along. It was their treat! 

Besides the generosity of the employee at Culvers one of my favorite parts of this story is that we (my husband, our daughter and myself) went to visit the gentleman a couple of days later.
He had suffered some complications with his heart and been moved to a different floor. His wife told us that he said to her on two occasions, "Don't forget to go back to the other floor and get my ice cream from the fridge!" She told him not to worry she would get it for him! 
Thank you Culvers for helping us to realize there are still people out there who care about more than just making a profit!


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jsmc10 wrote: Thank yo for showing that there are more people out there who aren't just out there for making a profit, but to genuinely help people
moral12 wrote: That was very sweet of your husband to take that fish dinner to his friend, and, such a nice surprise that the restaurant donated the ice cream! Thanks for sharing your story.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is wonderful! I love reading about multiple acts of kindness within the same adventure. Thanks for sharing! :)
Bluxess wrote: Thanks for being the gentle breeze in the ailing soul's life. People like you are most needed for our ailing brothers and sisters. Immense Blessings, Bluxess.

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